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2017Atmospheric pressure non-thermal plasma assisted polymerization of poly (ethylene glycol) methylether methacrylate (PEGMA) on low density polyethylene (LDPE) films for enhancement of biocompatibilityRamkumar M.C.; Navaneetha Pandiyaraj K.; Arun Kumar A.; Padmanabhan P.V.A.; Cools P.; De Geyter N.; Morent R.; Uday Kumar S.; Kumar V.; Gopinath, Packirisamy; Jaganathan S.K.; Deshmukh R.R.
2018Ethylenediamine mediated luminescence enhancement of pollutant derivatized carbon quantum dots for intracellular trinitrotoluene detection: Soot to shineDevi S.; Gupta R.K.; Paul A.K.; Kumar V.; Sachdev A.; Gopinath, Packirisamy; Tyagi S.
2019Evaluation of surface properties of low density polyethylene (LDPE) films tailored by atmospheric pressure non-thermal plasma (APNTP) assisted co-polymerization and immobilization of chitosan for improvement of antifouling propertiesPandiyaraj K.N.; Ramkumar M.C.; Arun Kumar A.; Padmanabhan P.V.A.; Pichumani M.; Bendavid A.; Cools P.; De Geyter N.; Morent R.; Kumar V.; Gopinath, Packirisamy; Su P.-G.; Deshmukh R.R.
2018Influence of operating parameters on development of polyethylene oxide-like coatings on the surfaces of polypropylene films by atmospheric pressure cold plasma jet-assisted polymerization to enhance their antifouling propertiesPandiyaraj K.N.; Arun Kumar A.; RamKumar M.C.; Padmanabhan P.V.A.; Trimukhe A.M.; Deshmukh R.R.; Cools P.; Morent R.; De Geyter N.; Kumar V.; Gopinath, Packirisamy; Jaganathan S.K.
2018pH-responsive prodrug nanoparticles based on xylan-curcumin conjugate for the efficient delivery of curcumin in cancer therapySauraj; Kumar S.U.; Kumar V.; Priyadarshi R.; Gopinath, Packirisamy; Negi, Yuvraj Singh