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2015Design and microwave-assisted synthesis of tri- and dialkyltin(IV) hippurates, characterization, in vitro anti-cancer and in vivo anti-inflammatory activitiesNath, Mala; Vats M.; Roy, Partha
2014Design, spectral characterization, anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory activity of triorganotin(IV) hydroxycarboxylates, apoptosis inducers: In vitro assessment of induction of apoptosis by enzyme, DNA-fragmentation, acridine orange and comet assays Antitumor Active Organotin CompoundsNath, Mala; Vats M.; Roy, Partha
2015Mode of action of tin-based anti-proliferative agents: Biological studies of organotin(IV) derivatives of fatty acidsNath, Mala; Vats M.; Roy, Partha