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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Bistatic PolInSAR Inversion Modelling for Plant Height Retrieval in a Tropical ForestKumar S.; Garg, Rahul D.; Kushwaha S.P.S.; Jayawardhana W.G.N.N.; Agarwal S.
2016Deorientation of PolSAR coherency matrix for volume scattering retrievalKumar S.; Garg, Rahul D.; Kushwaha S.P.S.; Chen J.M.; Ganju A.; Rajawat A.S.; Khanbilvardi R.
2019PolSAR-decomposition-based extended water cloud modeling for forest aboveground biomass estimationKumar S.; Garg, Rahul D.; Govil H.; Kushwaha S.P.S.
2020Snow Density Retrieval Using Hybrid Polarimetric RISAT-1 DatasetsAwasthi S.; Thakur P.K.; Kumar S.; Kumar A.; Jain, Kamal; Mani S.
2021Snow depth retrieval in North-Western Himalayan region using pursuit-monostatic TanDEM-X datasets applying polarimetric synthetic aperture radar interferometry based inversion ModellingAwasthi S.; Kumar S.; Thakur P.K.; Jain, Kamal; Kumar A.; Snehmani
2017Spaceborne SAR Tomography for Vertical Profile Retrieval of Forest VegetationKumar S.; Garg, Rahul D.; Kushwaha S.P.S.; Pandey U.