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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021A Review on Plastic Waste Assessment and Its Potential Use as Building Construction MaterialKumar A.; Agrawal, Avlokita; Thirumaran K.; Balaji G.; Prasad N.D.
2019A review paper: Emerging conversions of food-agro waste into building & construction materialAgrawal, Avlokita; Gupta R.
2019A study on roof design strategies for energy conservation in indian buildingsSadevi K.K.; Agrawal, Avlokita; Agrawal A.; Gupta R.
2019A systematic review on parametric dependencies of transpired solar collector performanceBake M.; Shukla A.; Liu S.; Agrawal, Avlokita
2019Assessment of sustainable development in technical higher education institutes of IndiaParvez N.; Agrawal, Avlokita
2014Development of single parameter to rate architectural design for green building certificationsAgrawal, Avlokita; Singh D.; Rawal R.; Manu S.; Khadpekar N.
2019Effect of form design on the thermal behavior of a modular fired clay brickMirajkar N.; Agrawal, Avlokita; Chakrabarti A.
2019Exploring the possibilities of using biomimicry to improve the thermal behaviour of walling unitsMirajkar N.; Agrawal, Avlokita; Chakrabarti A.
2019Genesis of stupasJaiswal S.; Agrawal, Avlokita; Raman G.; Gupta R.
2019IGBC green campus rating system: An initiative to sustainable campuses in IndiaParvez N.; Agrawal, Avlokita; Gupta R.
2006Shekhawati: Urbanism in the semi-desert of India A climatic studyAgrawal, Avlokita; Jain R.K.; Ahuja, Rita
2019Solid waste management on a campus in a developing country: A study of the Indian institute of technology RoorkeeParvez N.; Agrawal, Avlokita; Kumar A.
2018Sustainability: What we need vs what we think we need. Change in perception of need with socio-economic-cultural conditionsBatish A.; Agrawal, Avlokita; Ng E.; Fong S.; Ren C.