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2013Adaptive pores: Charge transfer modules as supramolecular handles for reversible pore engineering of mesoporous silicaKumar, B. V.V.S.Pavan; Rao K.V.; Soumya T.; George S.J.; Eswaramoorthy M.
2018Chloroplast-containing coacervate micro-droplets as a step towards photosynthetically active membrane-free protocellsKumar, B. V.V.S.Pavan; Fothergill J.; Bretherton J.; Tian L.; Patil A.J.; Davis S.A.; Mann S.
2019DNA-based communication in populations of synthetic protocellsJoesaar A.; Yang S.; Bögels B.; van der Linden A.; Pieters P.; Kumar, B. V.V.S.Pavan; Dalchau N.; Phillips A.; Mann S.; de Greef T.F.A.
2018Enzyme-powered motility in buoyant organoclay/DNA protocellsKumar, B. V.V.S.Pavan; Patil A.J.; Mann S.
2014Glucose- and pH-responsive charge-reversal surfacesKumar, B. V.V.S.Pavan; Salikolimi K.; Eswaramoorthy M.
2019Modulation of Higher-order Behaviour in Model Protocell Communities by Artificial PhagocytosisRodríguez-Arco L.; Kumar, B. V.V.S.Pavan; Li M.; Patil A.J.; Mann S.
2011Nanopillar arrays of amorphous carbon nitrideSai Krishna K.; Kumar, B. V.V.S.Pavan; Eswaramoorthy M.
2014Oxygen reduction reaction catalyzed by platinum nanonetwork prepared by template free one step synthesis for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cellsNarayanamoorthy B.; Kumar, B. V.V.S.Pavan; Eswaramoorthy M.; Balaji S.
2015Reversible control of pore size and surface chemistry of mesoporous silica through dynamic covalent chemistry: philicity mediated catalysisSingh D.K.; Kumar, B. V.V.S.Pavan; Eswaramoorthy M.
2012Shaping up: Spontaneous formation of ordered mesoscopic salt bowlsKrishna K.S.; Kumar, B. V.V.S.Pavan; Eswaramoorthy M.
2017Simple and Facile Approach To Create Charge Reversible Pores via Hydrophobic Anchoring of Ionic AmphiphilesSonu K.P.; Kumar, B. V.V.S.Pavan; George S.J.; Eswaramoorthy M.
2014Supramolecular gating of ion transport in nanochannelsKumar, B. V.V.S.Pavan; Rao K.V.; Sampath S.; George S.J.; Eswaramoorthy M.
2018Supramolecular Switching of Ion-Transport in NanochannelsKumar, B. V.V.S.Pavan; Sonu K.P.; Rao K.V.; Sampath S.; George S.J.; Eswaramoorthy M.
2011Tuning the nitrogen content and porosity of nanostructured carbon nitride using aminoclay as a reactive templateKumar, B. V.V.S.Pavan; Datta K.K.R.; Eswaramoorthy M.