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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A model to find optimal percentage of training and testing data for efficient ECG analysis using neural networkBhanot K.; Peddoju, Sateesh Kumar; Bhardwaj T.
2017A Simulation Study of Response Times in Cloud Environment for IoT-Based Healthcare WorkloadsKadarla K.; Sharma, Subhash Chander; Bhardwaj T.; Chaudhary A.
2020An Autonomic Resource Allocation Framework for Service-Based Cloud Applications: A Proactive ApproachBhardwaj T.; Upadhyay H.; Sharma, Subhash Chander; Pant M.; Sharma T.K.; Arya R.; Sahana B.C.; Zolfagharinia H.
2019An autonomic resource provisioning framework for efficient data collection in cloudlet-enabled wireless body area networks: a fuzzy-based proactive approachBhardwaj T.; Sharma, Subhash Chander
2019Autonomic Resource Allocation Mechanism for Service-based Cloud ApplicationsBhardwaj T.; Upadhyay H.; Sharma, Subhash Chander
2020Autonomic resource provisioning framework for service-based cloud applications: A queuing-model based approachBhardwaj T.; Upadhyay H.; Sharma, Subhash Chander
2018Cloud-WBAN: An experimental framework for Cloud-enabled Wireless Body Area Network with efficient virtual resource utilizationBhardwaj T.; Sharma, Subhash Chander
2021Cloudlet-enabled wireless body area networks (WBANs): a systematic review, architecture, and research directions for QoS improvementBhardwaj T.; Reyes C.; Upadhyay H.; Sharma, Subhash Chander; Lagos L.
2020Framework for quality ranking of components in cloud computing: Regressive rankBhardwaj T.; Upadhyay H.; Sharma, Subhash Chander
2018Fuzzy logic-based elasticity controller for autonomic resource provisioning in parallel scientific applications: A cloud computing perspectiveBhardwaj T.; Sharma, Subhash Chander
2015Internet of things: Route search optimization applying ant colony algorithm and theory of computationBhardwaj T.; Sharma, Subhash Chander; Deep K.; Das K.N.; Bansal J.C.; Nagar A.; Pant M.
2018Megh: A private cloud provisioning various IaaS and SaaSBhardwaj T.; Kumar M.; Sharma, Subhash Chander; Pant M.; Rawat S.; Bandyopadhyay A.; Sharma T.K.; Ray K.