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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021A central limit theorem and moderate deviation principle for the stochastic 2D Oldroyd model of order oneMohan, Manil T.
2021A local in time existence and uniqueness result of an inverse problem for the Kelvin-Voigt fluidsKumar P.; Kinra K.; Mohan, Manil T.
2021Approximate controllability of a non-autonomous evolution equation in banach spacesRavikumar K.; Mohan, Manil T.; Anguraj A.
2021Approximate controllability of a sobolev type impulsive functional evolution system in banach spacesArora S.; Mohan, Manil T.; Dabas J.
2021Approximate controllability of the non-autonomous impulsive evolution equation with state-dependent delay in Banach spacesArora S.; Mohan, Manil T.; Dabas J.
2021Conforming, Nonconforming and DG Methods for the Stationary Generalized Burgers-Huxley EquationKhan, Arbaz; Mohan, Manil T.; Ruiz-Baier R.
2020Deterministic and stochastic equations of motion arising in Oldroyd fluids of order one: existence, uniqueness, exponential stability and invariant measuresMohan, Manil T.
2020Dynamic programming and feedback analysis of the two dimensional tidal dynamics systemMohan, Manil T.
2019Entropy of orthogonal matrices and minimum distance orthostochastic matrices from the uniform van der Waerden matricesArasu K.T.; Mohan, Manil T.
2019Ergodicity for the 3D stochastic Navier–Stokes equations perturbed by Lévy noiseMohan, Manil T.; Sakthivel K.; Sritharan S.S.
2018Existence of Optimal Controls for Compressible Viscous FlowDoboszczak S.; Mohan, Manil T.; Sritharan S.S.
2021Exponential inequalities for exit times for two dimensional stochastic tidal dynamics equationsMohan, Manil T.
2021First order necessary conditions of optimality for the two dimensional tidal dynamics systemMohan, Manil T.
2021First-order necessary conditions of optimality for the optimal control of two-dimensional convective Brinkman–Forchheimer equations with state constraintsMohan, Manil T.
2018Global strong solutions of the stochastic three dimensional inviscid simplified bardina turbulence modelMohan, Manil T.
2021Large deviation principle for occupation measures of two dimensional stochastic convective Brinkman-Forchheimer equationsKumar A.; Mohan, Manil T.
2021Large deviation principle for stochastic convective Brinkman–Forchheimer equations perturbed by pure jump noiseMohan, Manil T.
2021Large Time Behavior of Deterministic and Stochastic 3D Convective Brinkman-Forchheimer Equations in Periodic DomainsKinra K.; Mohan, Manil T.
2021Lp -solutions of deterministic and stochastic convective Brinkman–Forchheimer equationsMohan, Manil T.
2017Lp −Solutions of the stochastic navier-stokes equations subject to lévy noise with Lm (Rm) initial dataMohan, Manil T.; Sritharan S.S.