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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A study on metabolic prowess of Pseudomonas sp. RPT 52 to degrade imidacloprid, endosulfan and coragenGupta M.; Mathur S.; Sharma T.K.; Rana M.; Gairola A.; Navani, Naveen Kumar; Pathania, R.
2009Effect of architectural features on wind loads in low-rise buildingsJohn A.D.; Kotamrazu M.; Gairola A.; Mukherjee, Mahua
2012Estimation of Border-Strip Soil Hydraulic ParametersRam S.; Hari Prasad, Kanchan S.; Gairola A.; Jose M.K.; Trivedi M.K.
2009Experimental study on wind load in roof and overhang of a gable buildingJohn A.D.; Gairola A.; Mukherjee, Mahua
2018Hydrodynamic simulation of a cloudburst event in Asi Ganga valley of Indian Himalayan region using MIKE11 and GIS techniquesVilluri V.G.K.; Pasupuleti S.; Jain, Kamal; Gairola A.; Singh R.K.
2009Interference effect of boundary wall on wind loadsJohn A.D.; Gairola A.; Mukherjee, Mahua
2013Ranking of pumped storage hydropower site for preliminary studiesPrasad A.D.; Jain, Kamal; Gairola A.; Hernandez-Guzman R.