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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A comparative analysis of supervised land cover classification using multi-polarized PALSAR em image fusionMittel V.; Singh, Dharmendra; Saini L.M.; Kumar S.; Arya K.V.
2016A comparison of wavelet based techniques for resolution enhancement of Moderate Resolution satellite imagesNaidu S.V.; Garg A.; Yahia H.; Singh, Dharmendra
2018A concept of satellite-based IoT for downscaling the MODIS data to extract Land Surface TemperatureAgarwal A.; Gupta S.; Kumar, Sandeep; Singh, Dharmendra; Laanaya H.; Lotfi D.; Minaoui K.; Mouline S.; Rivenq A.; El Hassouni M.; Ouadou M.; Rziza M.; Saoudi S.
2015A cost effective solution for development of broadband radar absorbing material using electronic wastePanwar R.; Agarwala V.; Singh, Dharmendra
2015A critical analysis of em based fusion of different polarization data for effect on land cover classificationMittal V.; Singh, Dharmendra; Saini L.M.
2016A critical analysis of polarimetrie signatures on PALSAR 2 data for land cover classificationMaurya A.K.; Phartiyal G.S.; Singh, Dharmendra
2008A critical analysis to generate change detection map using SAR interferometry for land subsidence monitoring of new orleans city of USAChamundeeswari V.V.; Singh, Dharmendra; Singh K.; Wiesbeck W.
2011A detailed analysis of multi-sensor fusion of moderate resolution imaging spectroradiometerKumar H.; Yahia H.; Singh, Dharmendra
2019A Framework for High-Resolution Soil Moisture Extraction Using SCATSAT-1 Scatterometer DataMurugan D.; Maurya A.K.; Garg A.; Singh, Dharmendra
2012A fusion approach to retrieve soil moisture with SAR and optical dataPrakash R.; Singh, Dharmendra; Pathak, Nagendra Prasad
2007A fuzzy logic approach to detect hotspots with NOAA/AVHRR image using multi-channel information fusion techniqueGautam R.S.; Singh, Dharmendra; Mittal A.
2004A methodology to support the analysis of environmental degradation using noaa AVHRR dataMeirelles M.S.; Costa G.A.; Singh, Dharmendra; Berroir J.P.; Herlin I.; Silva E.F.; Coutinho H.L.; Altan O.
2016A novel approach for optimal weight factor of DT-CWT coefficients for land cover classification using MODIS dataGarg A.; Vardhan Naidu S.; Gupta S.; Singh, Dharmendra; Brodu N.; Yahia H.
2014A novel neural network based image reconstruction model with scale and rotation invariance for target identification and classification for Active millimetre wave imagingAgarwal S.; Bisht A.S.; Singh, Dharmendra; Pathak, Nagendra Prasad
2009A radial basis function approach to retrieve soil moisture and crop variables from x-brand scatterometer observationsPrasad R.; Kumar R.; Singh, Dharmendra
2007A remote sensing assessment of pest infestation on sorghumSingh, Dharmendra; Sao R.; Singh K.P.
2005A simplistic incidence angle approach to retrieve the soil moisture and surface roughness at X-bandSingh, Dharmendra
2016A solid silica core based non-linear hybrid PCF with low confinement lossUddin S.; Singh, Dharmendra
2014A statistical-measure-based adaptive land cover classification algorithm by efficient utilization of Polarimetric SAR observablesMishra P.; Singh, Dharmendra
2019A Step for Digital Agriculture by Estimating Near Real Time Soil Moisture with Scatsat-1 DataMaurya A.K.; Murugan D.; Singh, Dharmendra; Singh K.P.