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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A combined MCDM approach for evaluation and selection of third-party reverse logistics partner for Indian electronics industryPrakash C.; Barua, Mukesh Kumar
2014A flexible decision framework for building risk mitigation strategies in green supply chain using SAP-LAP and IRP approachesMangla S.K.; Kumar, Pradeep; Barua, Mukesh Kumar
2018A framework to overcome barriers to green innovation in SMEs using BWM and Fuzzy TOPSISGupta H.; Barua, Mukesh Kumar
2016A fuzzy DEMATEL-based approach for evaluation of risks in green initiatives in supply chainMangla S.K.; Kumar, Pradeep; Barua, Mukesh Kumar
2016A fuzzy-based multi criteria decision making approach for supply chain risk assessment in Indian pharmaceutical industryVishwakarma V.; Prakash C.; Barua, Mukesh Kumar
2018A grey DEMATEL-based approach for modeling enablers of green innovation in manufacturing organizationsGupta H.; Barua, Mukesh Kumar
2016A Multi-criteria Decision-making Approach for Prioritizing Reverse Logistics Adoption Barriers under Fuzzy Environment: Case of Indian Electronics IndustryPrakash C.; Barua, Mukesh Kumar
2018A novel hybrid multi-criteria method for supplier selection among SMEs on the basis of innovation abilityGupta H.; Barua, Mukesh Kumar
2016A Robust Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Framework for Evaluation of the Airport Service Quality Enablers for Ranking the AirportsPrakash C.; Barua, Mukesh Kumar
2016An analysis of integrated robust hybrid model for third-party reverse logistics partner selection under fuzzy environmentPrakash C.; Barua, Mukesh Kumar
2016An integrated methodology of FTA and fuzzy AHP for risk assessment in green supply chainMangla S.K.; Kumar, Pradeep; Barua, Mukesh Kumar
2014An integrated model of supply chain performance evaluation and decision-making using structural equation modelling and fuzzy AHPJakhar S.K.; Barua, Mukesh Kumar
2019An integrated structural modelling and MICMAC analysis for supply chain disruption risk classification and prioritisation in IndiaAlora A.; Barua, Mukesh Kumar
2018Analysing the Interactions Among the Barriers of Supply Chain Performance Measurement: An ISM with Fuzzy MICMAC ApproachKatiyar R.; Barua, Mukesh Kumar; Meena P.L.
2010Application of Toyota production system for cycle time reduction of Eaton line: A case studyBarua, Mukesh Kumar; Chaporkar P.; Nagarajan S.; Malairajan R.A.
2016Assessment of Barriers in Green Supply Chain Management Using ISM: A Case Study of the Automobile Industry in IndiaBalon V.; Sharma A.K.; Barua, Mukesh Kumar
2015Association between leadership style and decision making style in Indian organisationsVerma N.; Bhat A.B.; Rangnekar, Santosh N.; Barua, Mukesh Kumar
2019Barrier analysis of supply chain finance adoption in manufacturing companiesAlora A.; Barua, Mukesh Kumar
2012Design of vendor managed inventory system for automotive company - A case studyNagarajan S.; Ganesh K.; Barua, Mukesh Kumar; Resmi A.T.; Anbuudayasankar S.P.
2020Development of a supply chain risk index for manufacturing supply chainsAlora A.; Barua, Mukesh Kumar