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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Dendrite tip selection during isothermal free growth in multi-component alloys: Marginal stability theories and insights from phase-field simulationsLahiri, Arka; Choudhury A.
2015Effect of Surface Energy Anisotropy on the Stability of Growth Fronts in Multiphase AlloysLahiri, Arka; Choudhury A.
2017Eutectic colony formation in systems with interfacial energy anisotropy: A phase field studyLahiri, Arka; Tiwary C.; Chattopadhyay K.; Choudhury A.
2015Interphase anisotropy effects on lamellar eutectics: A numerical studyGhosh, Supriyo; Choudhury A.; Plapp M.; Bottin-Rousseau S.; Faivre G.; Akamatsu S.
2017Revisiting Jackson-Hunt calculations: Unified theoretical analysis for generic multi-phase growth in a multi-component systemLahiri, Arka; Choudhury A.
2017Theoretical and numerical investigation of diffusive instabilities in multi-component alloysLahiri, Arka; Choudhury A.
2017Theoretical and Numerical Study of Growth in Multi-Component AlloysLahiri, Arka; Abinandanan T.A.; Choudhury A.