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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007A laboratory study for the treatment of arsenic, iron, and manganese bearing ground water using Fe3+ impregnated activated carbon: Effects of shaking time, pH and temperatureMondal, Prasenjit; Balomajumder, Chandrajit; Mohanty, Bikash
2020Acid treated RHWBAC electrode performance for Cr(VI) removal by capacitive deionization and CFD analysis studyGaikwad M.S.; Balomajumder, Chandrajit; Tiwari A.K.
2012Adsorption of cyanide ion on pressmud surface: A modeling approachGupta N.; Balomajumder, Chandrajit; Agarwal, Vijaykumar
2013Adsorptive treatment of cyanide-bearing wastewater: a prospect for sugar industry wasteGupta N.; Balomajumder, Chandrajit; Agarwal, Vijaykumar
2016Algal biodiesel production: Comparison, characterization and optimization of various extraction processesVerma B.; Balomajumder, Chandrajit
2019Alkali pretreatment of wheat straw followed by microbial hydrolysis for bioethanol productionTsegaye B.; Balomajumder, Chandrajit; Roy, Partha
2010Anti-diabetic potential of alkaloid rich fraction from Capparis decidua on diabetic miceSharma B.; Salunke R.; Balomajumder, Chandrajit; Daniel S.; Roy, Partha
2011Application of Agro-Based Biomasses for Zinc Removal from Wastewater - A ReviewKumar J.; Balomajumder, Chandrajit; Mondal, Prasenjit
2019Application of response surface methodology for the optimization of Ni2+ ions biosorption from aqueous solution using Sargassum filipendulaVerma A.; Kumar S.; Balomajumder, Chandrajit
2016Batch growth kinetic studies for elimination of phenol and cyanide using mixed microbial cultureSingh N.; Balomajumder, Chandrajit
2016Biodegradation of phenol and cyanide by Pseudomonas putida MTCC 1194: an experimental and modeling studySingh N.; Balomajumder, Chandrajit
2018Biodegradation of wheat straw by Ochrobactrum oryzae BMP03 and Bacillus sp. BMP01 bacteria to enhance biofuel production by increasing total reducing sugars yieldTsegaye B.; Balomajumder, Chandrajit; Roy, Partha
2018Biodelignification and hydrolysis of rice straw by novel bacteria isolated from wood feeding termiteTsegaye B.; Balomajumder, Chandrajit; Roy, Partha
2008Biodesulfurization of dibenzothiophene using recombinant Pseudomonas strainMeesala L.; Balomajumder, Chandrajit; Chatterjee S.; Roy, Partha
2014Biological removal of heavy metal zinc from industrial effluent by Zinc sequestering bacterium VMSDCMMishra V.; Balomajumder, Chandrajit; Agarwal, Vijaykumar
2013Biological treatment and modeling aspect of BTEX abatement process in a biofilterRahul; Mathur A.K.; Balomajumder, Chandrajit
2020Bioremediation process optimization and effective reclamation of mixed carbamate-contaminated soil by newly isolated Acremonium sp.Kaur P.; Balomajumder, Chandrajit
2016Bioremoval of cyanide from aqueous solution using Tectona grandis leaves powder: A potential bioadsorbentDwivedi N.; Balomajumder, Chandrajit; Mondal, Prasenjit
2017Bioremoval of fluoride from synthetic water using gram-negative bacteria Shewanella putrefaciensDwivedi S.; Mondal, Prasenjit; Balomajumder, Chandrajit
2010Biosorption of Zn (II) onto the surface of non-living biomasses: A comparative study of adsorbent particle size and removal capacity of three different biomassesMishra V.; Balomajumder, Chandrajit; Agarwal, Vijaykumar