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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Effect of citric acid content on synthesis of LiNi1/3Mn1/3Co1/3O2 and its electrochemical characteristicsSingh G.; Sil, Anjan; Ghosh S.; Panwar A.
2017Effect of SFE on tensile and fatigue behavior of ultrafine grained Cu-Zn and Cu-Al alloys developed by cryo-rolling/forgingDasharath S.M.; Ghosh S.; Mula, Suhrit
2017Mechanical properties, formability and corrosion resistance of thermomechanically controlled processed Ti-Nb stabilized IF steelGhosh S.; Singh A.K.; Mula, Suhrit; Chanda P.; Mahashabde V.V.; Roy T.K.
2012Microstructural development and room-temperature thermal stability of mechanically alloyed Al 87Y 10Ni 3 nanostructureMula, Suhrit; Ghosh S.; Pabi S.K.
2009On structure and mechanical properties of ultrasonically cast Al-2% Al2O3 nanocompositeMula, Suhrit; Padhi P.; Panigrahi S.C.; Pabi S.K.; Ghosh S.
2009On the formation of phases by mechanical alloying and their thermal stability in Al-Mn-Ce systemMula, Suhrit; Ghosh S.; Pabi S.K.
2010Structure and mechanical properties of Al-Ni-Ti amorphous powder consolidated by pressure-less, pressure-assisted and spark plasma sinteringMula, Suhrit; Mondal K.; Ghosh S.; Pabi S.K.
2009Synthesis and characterization of LiMn2O4 nanoparticles using citric acid as chelating agentSingh G.; Panwar A.; Sil, Anjan; Ghosh S.
2008Synthesis of an Al-based Al-Cr-Co-Ce alloy by mechanical alloying and its thermal stabilityMula, Suhrit; Ghosh S.; Pabi S.K.
2015Thermomechanical processing of low carbon Nb-Ti stabilized microalloyed steel: Microstructure and mechanical propertiesGhosh S.; Mula, Suhrit
2012Workability and mechanical properties of ultrasonically cast Al-Al 2O 3 nanocompositesMula, Suhrit; Pabi S.K.; Koch C.C.; Padhi P.; Ghosh S.