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20191,4-Benzoquinone antimicrobial agents against Staphylococcus aureus and Mycobacterium tuberculosis derived from scorpion venomCarcamo-Noriega E.N.; Sathyamoorthi S.; Banerjee S.; Gnanamani, Elumalai; Mendoza-Trujillo M.; Mata-Espinosa D.; Hernández-Pando R.; Veytia-Bucheli J.I.; Possani L.D.; Zare R.N.
2018An Alkaloid from Scorpion Venom: Chemical Structure and SynthesisBanerjee S.; Gnanamani, Elumalai; Lynch S.R.; Zuñiga F.Z.; Jiménez-Vargas J.M.; Possani L.D.; Zare R.N.
2018Branched aldehydes as linchpins for the enantioselective and stereodivergent synthesis of 1,3-aminoalcohols featuring a quaternary stereocentreTrost B.M.; Hung C.-I.; Saget T.; Gnanamani, Elumalai
2017Can all bulk-phase reactions be accelerated in microdroplets?Banerjee S.; Gnanamani, Elumalai; Yan X.; Zare R.N.
2015Characterization of an exopolysaccharide from probiont Enterobacter faecalis MSI12 and its effect on the disruption of Candida albicans biofilmKiran G.S.; Priyadharshini S.; Anitha K.; Gnanamani, Elumalai; Selvin J.
2020Chemoselective N-Alkylation of Indoles in Aqueous MicrodropletsGnanamani, Elumalai; Yan X.; Zare R.N.
2014Conformationally rigid chiral bicyclic skeleton-tethered bipyridine N,N'-dioxide as organocatalyst: Asymmetric ring opening of meso-epoxidesGnanamani, Elumalai; Someshwar N.; Sanjeevi J.; Ramanathan C.R.
2012Conformationally rigid chiral pyridine N-oxides as organocatalyst: Asymmetric allylation of aldehydesGnanamani, Elumalai; Someshwar N.; Ramanathan C.R.
2017Controlling Regioselectivity in the Enantioselective N-Alkylation of Indole Analogues Catalyzed by Dinuclear Zinc-ProPhenolTrost B.M.; Gnanamani, Elumalai; Hung C.-I.J.
2016Degradation intermediates of polyhydroxy butyrate inhibits phenotypic expression of virulence factors and biofilm formation in luminescent vibrio sp. PUGSK8Kiran G.S.; Priyadharshini S.; Dobson A.D.W.; Gnanamani, Elumalai; Selvin J.
2009Design, synthesis, resolution, and stereochemical assignment of a conformationally rigid chiral ligand derived from anthracene and a dienophile containing a pyridine moietyGnanamani, Elumalai; Ramanathan C.R.
2019Direct Enantio- and Diastereoselective Vinylogous Addition of Butenolides to Chromones Catalyzed by Zn-ProPhenolTrost B.M.; Gnanamani, Elumalai; Kalnmals C.A.; Hung C.-I.J.; Tracy J.S.
2020Direct Enantio-and Diastereoselective Zn-ProPhenol-Catalyzed Mannich Reactions of CF3-and SCF3-Substituted KetonesTrost B.M.; Hung C.-I.J.; Mata G.; Liu Y.; Lu Y.; Gnanamani, Elumalai
2020Enantio- And Diastereoselective Double Mannich Reaction between Ketones and Imines Catalyzed by Zn-ProPhenolTrost B.M.; Gnanamani, Elumalai
2013Friedel-Crafts hydroxyalkylation through activation of a carbonyl group using AlBr3: An easy access to pyridyl aryl/heteroaryl carbinolsHarikrishnan A.; Selvakumar J.; Gnanamani, Elumalai; Bhattacharya S.; Ramanathan C.R.
2019Synthesis of Chiral, Densely Substituted Pyrrolidones via Phosphine-Catalyzed CycloisomerizationTrost B.M.; Gnanamani, Elumalai; Hung C.-I.J.; Kalnmals C.A.
2019Tuning the Reactivity of Ketones through Unsaturation: Construction of Cyclic and Acyclic Quaternary Stereocenters via Zn-ProPhenol Catalyzed Mannich ReactionsTrost B.M.; Hung C.-I.J.; Gnanamani, Elumalai
2017Zn-ProPhenol Catalyzed Enantio- and Diastereoselective Direct Vinylogous Mannich Reactions between α,β- and β,y-Butenolides and AldiminesTrost B.M.; Gnanamani, Elumalai; Tracy J.S.; Kalnmals C.A.