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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009A robust test of uncertain linear systemsHote Y.V.; Choudhury D.R.; Gupta J.R.P.
2011A simple approach for stability margin of discrete systemsHote Y.V.; Gupta J.R.P.; Choudhury D.R.
2006Gerschgorin theorem and its applications in control system problemsHote Y.V.; Roy Choudhury D.; Gupta J.R.P.
2010Kharitonov's theorem and routh criterion for stability margin of interval systemsHote Y.V.; Gupta J.R.P.; Roy Choudhury D.
2009New approach for stability of perturbed DC-DC convertersHote Y.V.; Choudhury D.R.; Gupta J.R.P.
2009On robust stability of the systemsHote Y.V.; Choudhury D.R.; Gupta J.R.P.
2006Pole placement for SISO linear systems using Gerschgorin TheoremHote Y.V.; Gupta J.R.P.
2010QFT based robust controller for single-phase AC-AC buck converterBherulal; Hote Y.V.; Gupta J.R.P.
2014Reduced order modelling for some class of interval systemsHote Y.V.; Jha A.N.; Gupta J.R.
2009Robust stability analysis of the PWM push-pull dc-dc converterHote Y.V.; Choudhury D.R.; Gupta J.R.P.