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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Modeling Seasonal Variation in Urban Weather in Sub-Tropical Region of DelhiGupta K.; Pushplata; Lalitha A.; Ghosh Dastidar P.; Malleswara Rao J.; Thakur P.; Gummapu J.S.; Senthil Kumar A.
2016One-dimensional hydrodynamic modeling of GLOF and impact on hydropower projects in Dhauliganga River using remote sensing and GIS applicationsThakur P.K.; Aggarwal S.; Aggarwal S.P.; Jain, Sharad Kumar
2013Snow Cover Area Mapping Using Synthetic Aperture Radar in Manali Watershed of Beas River in the Northwest HimalayasThakur P.K.; Garg, Pradeep Kumar; Aggarwal S.P.; Garg, Rahul D.; Mani S.
2020Snow Density Retrieval Using Hybrid Polarimetric RISAT-1 DatasetsAwasthi S.; Thakur P.K.; Kumar S.; Kumar A.; Jain, Kamal; Mani S.
2021Snow depth retrieval in North-Western Himalayan region using pursuit-monostatic TanDEM-X datasets applying polarimetric synthetic aperture radar interferometry based inversion ModellingAwasthi S.; Kumar S.; Thakur P.K.; Jain, Kamal; Kumar A.; Snehmani
2012Snow physical parameters estimation using space-based Synthetic Aperture RadarThakur P.K.; Aggarwal S.P.; Garg, Pradeep Kumar; Garg, Rahul D.; Mani S.; Pandit A.; Kumar S.