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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Anomalous land surface temperature and outgoing long-wave radiation observations prior to earthquakes in India and RomaniaRawat V.; Saraf, Arun Kumar; Das, Josodhir D.; Sharma K.; Shujat Y.
2011False topographic perception phenomena observed with the satellite images of Moon's surfaceSaraf, Arun Kumar; Zia M.; Das, Josodhir D.; Sharma K.; Rawat V.
2018Fog hazard of Indo-Gangetic plain: Mapping, modelling and dispersion techniquesSaraf, Arun Kumar; Das, Josodhir D.; Sharma K.; Singh G.; Borgohain S.
2017Geoinformatics in mapping of fog-affected areas over northern India and development of ion based fog dispersion techniqueSaraf, Arun Kumar; Choudhury P.; Das, Josodhir D.; Singh G.; Borgohain S.; Baral S.S.; Sharma K.; Yuan H.; Geng J.; Bian F.
2014Ground deformational studies using ALOS-PALSAR data between 2007 and 2010 of the central Kutch area, Gujarat, IndiaZia M.; Sharma K.; Saraf, Arun Kumar; Das, Josodhir D.; Baral S.; Das M.
2017Mapping and Change Detection Study of Nepal-2015 Earthquake Induced LandslidesSharma K.; Saraf, Arun Kumar; Das, Josodhir D.; Baral S.S.; Borgohain S.; Singh G.
2011Morphotectonic Features and Fault Propagation Folding of Bhuban Hills, NE India Using Satellite Image and DEMDas, Josodhir D.; Shujat Y.; Saraf, Arun Kumar; Rawat V.; Sharma K.
2012SAR interferometry in post-seismic ground deformation detection related to the 2001 Bhuj earthquake, IndiaSaraf, Arun Kumar; Das, Josodhir D.; Biswas A.; Rawat V.; Sharma K.; Suzat Y.
2012Satellite detection of thermal precursors of Yamnotri, Ravar and Dalbandin earthquakesSaraf, Arun Kumar; Rawat V.; Das, Josodhir D.; Zia M.; Sharma K.
2011Winter fog over the Indo-Gangetic Plains: Mapping and modelling using remote sensing and GISSaraf, Arun Kumar; Bora A.K.; Das, Josodhir D.; Rawat V.; Sharma K.; Jain S.K.