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2009Chronology of relict lake deposits in the Spiti River, NW Trans Himalaya: Implications to Late Pleistocene-Holocene climate-tectonic perturbationsPhartiyal B.; Sharma A.; Srivastava, P.; Ray Y.
2013Late Pleistocene-Holocene morphosedimentary architecture, Spiti River, arid higher HimalayaSrivastava, P.; Ray Y.; Phartiyal B.; Sharma A.
2020Late Quaternary sedimentation history of the Himalaya and its forelandKumar A.; Ray Y.; Ghosh R.; Bandyopadhyay S.; Singh V.; Srivastava, P.
2020Rapid lake level fall in Pangong Tso (lake) in Ladakh, NW Himalaya: a response of late Holocene ariditySrivastava, P.; Kumar A.; Singh R.; Deepak O.; Kumar A.M.; Ray Y.; Jayangondaperumal R.; Phartiyal B.; Chahal P.; Sharma P.; Ghosh R.; Kumar N.; Agnihotri R.
2010Widespread aggradation in the mountainous catchment of the Alaknanda-Ganga River System: Timescales and implications to Hinterland-foreland relationshipsRay Y.; Srivastava, P.