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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A non-parametric index of corporate governance in the banking industry: An application to Indian dataGulati, Rachita; Kattumuri R.; Kumar S.
2008An examination of technical, pure technical, and scale efficiencies in Indian public sector banks using data envelopment analysisKumar S.; Gulati, Rachita
2019Analysing bank stability in India: Evidence from 2007/08-2016/17Gulati, Rachita; Singh Nirmal
2017Analysing banks’ intermediation and operating efficiencies using the two-stage network DEA model: The case of IndiaGulati, Rachita; Kumar S.
2010Assessing the Effect of Ownership on the Efficiency of Indian Domestic Banks.Kumar Sunil; Gulati, Rachita
2020Assessing the efficiency and ranking of microfinance institutions in IndiaKhan A.; Gulati, Rachita
2016Assessing the impact of the global financial crisis on the profit efficiency of Indian banksGulati, Rachita; Kumar S.
2016Assessing the productivity growth of Indian banks during the post-deregulation period using non-radial Malmquist productivity indexGulati, Rachita; Kumar S.
2021Assessing total factor productivity growth of the passenger-bus transit systems in Indian metropolitan cities using the sequential Malmquist-Luenberger productivity index approachGulati, Rachita
2021Board governance and bank performance: A meta- analysisBhatia M.; Gulati, Rachita
2021Demystifying gaps and testing for convergence in bank regulations impacting the competitive environment: a case of India and its peers in BRICSGulati, Rachita
2009Did efficiency of Indian public sector banks converge with banking reforms?Kumar S.; Gulati, Rachita
2019Did the global financial crisis alter the competitive conditions in the Indian banking industry?Kumar S.; Gulati, Rachita
2013Do investors herd in Indian marketGarg A.; Gulati, Rachita
2020Does board effectiveness matter for bank performance? Evidence from IndiaBhatia Madhur; Gulati, Rachita
2021Does regulatory under-compliance with governance standards lead to bank instability? An exploration using Indian dataGulati, Rachita
2010Dynamics of Cost-Efficiency in Indian Public Sector Banks: A Post-Deregulation ExperienceKumar S.; Gulati, Rachita
2021Economic slowdown, NPA crisis and productivity behavior of Indian banksGoswami A.; Gulati, Rachita
2021Efficiency of microfinance institutions of South Asia: A bootstrap DEA approachKhan A.; Gulati, Rachita
2009Efficiency-Profitability Relationship in Indian Domestic Banks: A Disaggregate AnalysisGulati, Rachita; Kumar S.