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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A computationally efficient approach for template matching-based image registrationGaidhane V.H.; Hote Y.V.; Singh V.
2016A new approach for stability analysis of discrete systemsGaidhane V.H.; Hote Y.V.
2012A new approach to time domain analysis of perturbed PWM push-pull DC-DC converterHote Y.V.
2009A robust test of uncertain linear systemsHote Y.V.; Choudhury D.R.; Gupta J.R.P.
2011A simple approach for stability margin of discrete systemsHote Y.V.; Gupta J.R.P.; Choudhury D.R.
2012A simulation study on optimal IMC based PI/PID controller for mean arterial blood pressureSaxena S.; Hote Y.V.
2016Accelerated modified big bang big crunch optimization based on evolution of universeBiradar S.; Hote Y.V.
2018Adaptive policy for load frequency controlHanwate S.; Hote Y.V.; Saxena S.
2012Advances in internal model control technique: A review and future prospectsSaxena S.; Hote Y.V.
2018An Approach for Buck Converter PI Controller Design Using Stability Boundary LocusGarg M.M.; Hote Y.V.; Pathak M.K.; Behera L.
2014An efficient approach for face recognition based on common eigenvaluesGaidhane V.H.; Hote Y.V.; Singh V.
2018An efficient edge extraction approach for flame image analysisGaidhane V.H.; Hote Y.V.
2018An efficient similarity measure approach for PCB surface defect detectionGaidhane V.H.; Hote Y.V.; Singh V.
2012An efficient similarity measure technique for medical image registrationGaidhane V.H.; Hote Y.V.; Singh V.
2018An Improved Approach for Stability Analysis of Discrete SystemGaidhane V.H.; Hote Y.V.
2020Analysis and Application of a Polynomial Controller Design for Non-ideal DC-DC Buck Converter (Part I)Kumar M.; Hote Y.V.; Siddhartha V.
2019Analysis and Application of Linear ADRC for the Control of DC-DC ConvertersBose S.; Hote Y.V.; Siddhartha V.
2018Analysis and Control of Real-Time DC Servo System Using Linear ADRCBose S.; Hote Y.V.; Sengupta D.
2018Analysis of adverse effects due to zeros in non-minimum phase discrete-time linear systemsBose S.; Hote Y.V.; Hanwate S.D.
2018Analysis of Effects due to Right Half Plane Zeros in PI Controller based Hydro Turbine ?Bose S.; Hote Y.V.; Hanwate S.D.