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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Al rich AlGaN based APDs on single crystal AlN with solar blindness and room temperature operationReddy P.; Hayden Breckenridge M.; Klump A.; Guo Q.; Mita S.; Sarkar, Biplab; Kirste R.; Moody B.; Tweedie J.; Collazo R.; Sitar Z.
2016Challenges and breakthroughs in the development of AlGaN-based UVC lasersKirste R.; Sarkar, Biplab; Kaess F.; Bryan I.; Bryan Z.; Tweedie J.; Collazo R.; Sitar Z.
2018Doping and compensation in Al-rich AlGaN grown on single crystal AlN and sapphire by MOCVDBryan I.; Bryan Z.; Washiyama S.; Reddy P.; Gaddy B.; Sarkar, Biplab; Breckenridge M.H.; Guo Q.; Bobea M.; Tweedie J.; Mita S.; Irving D.; Collazo R.; Sitar Z.
2017High free carrier concentration in p-GaN grown on AlN substratesSarkar, Biplab; Mita S.; Reddy P.; Klump A.; Kaess F.; Tweedie J.; Bryan I.; Bryan Z.; Kirste R.; Kohn E.; Collazo R.; Sitar Z.
2021High n -type conductivity and carrier concentration in Si-implanted homoepitaxial AlNBreckenridge M.H.; Bagheri P.; Guo Q.; Sarkar, Biplab; Khachariya D.; Pavlidis S.; Tweedie J.; Kirste R.; Mita S.; Reddy P.; Collazo R.; Sitar Z.
2018Improving the conductivity limits in Si doped Al rich AlGaNReddy P.; Guo Q.; Tweedie J.; Washiyama S.; Kaess F.; Mita S.; Breckenridge M.H.; Kirste R.; Collazo R.; Klump A.; Sarkar, Biplab; Sitar Z.
2017Material considerations for the development of III-nitride power devicesSarkar, Biplab; Reddy P.; Kaess F.; Haidet B.B.; Tweedie J.; Mita S.; Kirste R.; Kohn E.; Collazo R.; Sitar Z.; Ohtani N.; Bakowski M.; Dudley M.; Raghothamachar B.; Shenai K.
2018N-and P-type doping in Al-rich AlGaN and A1NSarkar, Biplab; Washiyama S.; Breckenridge M.H.; Klump A.; Baker J.N.; Reddy P.; Tweedie J.; Mita S.; Kirste R.; Irving D.L.; Collazo R.; Sitar Z.; Shenai K.Bakowski M.Dudley M.Ohtani N.Raghothamachar B.
2018Recent breakthroughs in AlGaN-based UV light emittersKirste R.; Mita S.; Guo Q.; Sarkar, Biplab; Kaess F.; Tweedie J.; Collazo R.; Sitar Z.
2020The role of chemical potential in compensation control in Si:AlGaNWashiyama S.; Reddy P.; Sarkar, Biplab; Breckenridge M.H.; Guo Q.; Bagheri P.; Klump A.; Kirste R.; Tweedie J.; Mita S.; Sitar Z.; Collazo R.