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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A Class of Charged Relativistic Superdense Star ModelsMaurya S.K.; Gupta Y.K.; Pratibha,
2012A Class of Well Behaved Charged Analogues of Schwarzchild's Interior SolutionGupta Y.K.; Kumar J.; Pratibha,
2018A Method of Segmentation in 3D Medical Image for selection of Region of Interest (ROI).Kumar A.; Pratibha,
2011A new class of charged analogues of Vaidya-Tikekar type super-dense starGupta Y.K.; Pratibha,; Kumar J.
2015An efficient hybrid approach for simulating MHD nanofluid flow over a permeable stretching sheetBhargava R.; Goyal M.; Pratibha,; Srivastava H.M.; Agrawal P.N.; Singh U.; Mohapatra R.N.
2020Analysis of the Flow Dynamics of Blood Through Viscoelastic Constricted ArteryKori J.; Pratibha,
2010Charged analogue of Whittaker's interior solutionGupta Y.K.; Gupta S.; Pratibha,
2011Charged Analogues of Henning Knutsen Type Solutions in General RelativityGupta Y.K.; Kumar S.; Pratibha,
2019Effect of first order chemical reactions on the dispersion coefficient associated with laminar flow through fibrosis affected lungKori J.; Pratibha,
2019Effect of periodic permeability of lung tissue on fluid velocity and nonspherical nanoparticle filtrationKori J.; Pratibha,
2011Effect of speed fluctuations due to driving imperfections on road traffic noise emissionRawat K.; Katiyar V.K.; Pratibha,
2014Effects of first-order chemical reactions on the dispersion coefficient associated with laminar flow through the lungsSaini A.; Katiyar V.K.; Pratibha,
2003Fast and efficient algorithms for solving ordinary differential equations through computer algebra systemPratibha,
2017Hybrid Numerical Solution of Mixed Convection Boundary Layer Flow of Nanofluid Along an Inclined Plate with Prescribed Surface FluxesBhargava R.; Pratibha,; Chandra H.
2010Invariant solutions of Einstein field equation for nonconformally flat fluid spheres of embedding class oneKumar S.; Pratibha,; Gupta Y.K.
2019Numerical Simulation of Dusty Air Flow and Particle Deposition Inside Permeable Alveolar DuctKori J.; Pratibha,
2015Numerical simulation of gas flow through a biofilter in lung tissuesSaini A.; Katiyar V.K.; Pratibha,
2018Numerical simulation of mucus clearance inside lung airwaysKori J.; Pratibha,
2010Numerical study of blood partial pressure of the human respiratory systemDevdatta; Katiyar V.K.; Pratibha,; Saini A.
2010Numerical study of one-dimensional model of blast wave propagation through lungsSaini A.; Katiyar V.K.; Pratibha,; Devdatta