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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021A Framework for Assessing the Viability of Solar PV in Province-2 of Nepal Using System Dynamics ApproachKarna S.K.; Singh, Rhythm; Saran V.H.; Misra R.K.
2020Approximate rooftop solar PV potential of Indian cities for high-level renewable power scenario planningSingh, Rhythm
2021Conceptualizing a new circular economy feature – storing renewable electricity in batteries beyond EV end-of-life: the case of SloveniaObrecht M.; Singh, Rhythm; Zorman T.
2018Energy sufficiency aspirations of India and the role of renewable resources: Scenarios for futureSingh, Rhythm
2013Estimation of roof-top photovoltaic potential using satellite imagery and GISSingh, Rhythm; Banerjee R.
2015Estimation of rooftop solar photovoltaic potential of a citySingh, Rhythm; Banerjee R.
2019Evaluation of Loading of Individual Buses on Voltage Regulation in a Radial Microgrid FeederSoni Y.P.; Fernandez, Eugene; Singh, Rhythm
2017Impact of large-scale rooftop solar PV integration: An algorithm for hydrothermal-solar scheduling (HTSS)Singh, Rhythm; Banerjee R.
2016Impact of Solar Panel Orientation on Large Scale Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Scenario for MumbaiSingh, Rhythm; Banerjee R.; Banerjee R.; Bandyopadhyay S.; Kavaipatti B.; Mitra S.
2017Investigation of City-Level Site-Pair correlations of solar variability using empirical satellite dataSingh, Rhythm; Banerjee R.
2007Modified PWM schemes for cyclo-invertersAgarwal V.; Kumar A.; Singh, Rhythm; Robin T.J.
2011Power system voltage stability analysis using ANN and continuation power flow methodsBalasubramanian R.; Singh, Rhythm
2021PV power forecasting based on data-driven models: a reviewGupta P.; Singh, Rhythm
2019Rooftop PV aspirations of India's National Solar Mission and the green building codes: The missing links and the way aheadSingh, Rhythm
2021Solar-city plans with large-scale energy storage: Metrics to assess the ability to replace fossil-fuel based powerSingh, Rhythm
2021Univariate model for hour ahead multi-step solar irradiance forecastingGupta P.; Singh, Rhythm