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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A critical study of quality parameters in health care establishment: Developing an integrated quality modelAzam M.; Rahman, Zillur; Talib F.; Singh K.J.
2017A fuzzy AHP and fuzzy multi-objective linear programming model for order allocation in a sustainable supply chain: A case studyKumar D.; Rahman, Zillur; Chan F.T.S.
2004A model for the sales and distribution of e-servicesRahman, Zillur
2011A study of total quality management and supply chain management practicesTalib F.; Rahman, Zillur; Qureshi M.N.
2015An alternative model of self-service retail technology adoptionKaushik A.K.; Rahman, Zillur
2013An empirical investigation of relationship between total quality management practices and quality performance in Indian service companiesTalib F.; Rahman, Zillur; Qureshi M.N.
2017An empirical investigation of tourist’s choice of service delivery options: SSTs vs service employeesKaushik A.K.; Rahman, Zillur
2013An instrument for measuring the key practices of total quality management in ICT industry: An empirical study in IndiaTalib F.; Rahman, Zillur; Akhtar A.
2017An integrated framework to understand how consumer-perceived ethicality influences consumer hotel brand loyaltyFatma M.; Rahman, Zillur
2017An ISM approach for modelling the enablers of sustainability in market-oriented firmsAgrawal A.K.; Kumar D.; Rahman, Zillur
2011Analysis of interaction among the barriers to total quality management implementation using interpretive structural modeling approachTalib F.; Rahman, Zillur; Qureshi M.
2017Analyzing enablers of sustainable supply chain: ISM and fuzzy AHP approachKumar D.; Rahman, Zillur
2018Antecedents of co-creation intention and their role in developing technology-based new services via customer involvement: A conceptual analysisSarmah B.; Rahman, Zillur
2016Are Street Vendors Really Innovative Toward Self-service Technology?Kaushik A.K.; Rahman, Zillur
2017Assessing the impact of information technology capability on firm profitability and market value in emerging economies: A study from IndiaArora B.; Rahman, Zillur
2016Assessing the Influence of Stakeholders on Sustainability Marketing Strategy of Indian CompaniesKumar V.; Rahman, Zillur; Kazmi, Absar Ahmad
2017Awareness and willingness towards Islamic banking among Muslims: An Indian perspectiveIslam J.U.; Rahman, Zillur
2011Best practices of total quality management implementation in health care settingsFaisal T.; Rahman, Zillur; Azam M.
2017Bharat to India: A case of connecting IFFCO brand with generation yKamboj S.; Yadav M.; Rahman, Zillur
2020Brand engagement and experience in online servicesKhan I.; Hollebeek L.D.; Fatma M.; Islam J.U.; Rahman, Zillur