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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Climate profile and OCBs of teachers in public and private schools of IndiaGarg, Pooja; Rastogi, Renu
2019Do high-performance HR practices augment OCBs? The role of psychological climate and work engagementKataria A.; Garg, Pooja; Rastogi, Renu
2013Does psychological climate augment OCBs? The mediating role of work engagementKataria A.; Garg, Pooja; Rastogi, Renu
2016Employee Resilience and OCB: Mediating Effects of Organizational CommitmentPaul H.; Bamel U.K.; Garg, Pooja
2021Exploring the nexus between job design and work engagement: Mediating role of meaning in workGarg, Pooja; Han K.-S.; Malik P.
2017Learning organization and work engagement: Exploring the nexus in Indian IT sectorMalik P.; Garg, Pooja
2020Learning organization and work engagement: the mediating role of employee resilienceMalik P.; Garg, Pooja
2006New model of job design: Motivating employees' performanceGarg, Pooja; Rastogi, Renu
2018Psychometric Testing of the Resilience at Work Scale Using Indian SampleMalik P.; Garg, Pooja
2021Teachers' psychological well-being role of emotional intelligence and resilient character traits in determining the psychological well-being of Indian school teachersKamboj K.P.; Garg, Pooja
2019Testing the reciprocal relationship between quality of work life and subjective well-being: A path analysis modelAgarwal S.; Garg, Pooja; Rastogi, Renu
2017The relationship between learning culture, inquiry and dialogue, knowledge sharing structure and affective commitment to changeMalik P.; Garg, Pooja
2016Work Values and Its Impact on Managerial Effectiveness: A Relationship Study in Indian ContextRana G.; Rastogi, Renu; Garg, Pooja
2018Workplace democracy and psychological capital: a paradigm shift in workplaceHan K.-S.; Garg, Pooja