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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A new bivariate risk classifier for flood management considering hazard and socio-economic dimensionsPrakash Mohanty, MohitP.; H V.; Yadav V.; Ghosh S.; Rao G.S.; Karmakar S.
2020Capturing transformation of flood hazard over a large River Basin under changing climate using a top-down approachGusain A.; Prakash Mohanty, MohitP.; Ghosh S.; Chatterjee C.; Karmakar S.
2021Flood evacuation during pandemic: A multi-objective framework to handle compound hazardTripathy S.S.; Bhatia U.; Prakash Mohanty, Mohit; Karmakar S.; Ghosh S.
2021Hydrodynamic flood modelling of large regions under data-poor situations: A case study of Jagatsinghpur District, OdishaPrakash Mohanty, MohitP.; Karmakar S.
2016Indian summer monsoon rainfall: Implications of contrasting trends in the spatial variability of means and extremesGhosh S.; Vittal H.; Sharma T.; Karmakar S.; Kasiviswanathan, Kasiapillai S.; Dhanesh Y.; Sudheer K.P.; Gunthe S.S.
2021Performance evaluation of potential inland flood management options through a three-way linked hydrodynamic modelling framework for a coastal urban watershedGhosh M.; Prakash Mohanty, MohitP.; Kishore P.; Karmakar S.
2018Regionalized Design Rainfall Estimation: an Appraisal of Inundation Mapping for Flood Management Under Data-Scarce SituationsPrakash Mohanty, MohitP.; Sherly M.A.; Karmakar S.; Ghosh S.
2020Sensitivity of various topographic data in flood management: Implications on inundation mapping over large data-scarce regionsPrakash Prakash Mohanty, Mohit; Nithya S.; Nair A.S.; Indu J.; Ghosh S.; Mohan Bhatt C.; Srinivasa Rao G.; Karmakar S.
2020Tide-rainfall flood quotient: An incisive measure of comprehending a region's response to storm-tide and pluvial floodingPrakash Mohanty, MohitP.; Sherly M.A.; Ghosh S.; Karmakar S.
2021WebFRIS: An efficient web-based decision support tool to disseminate end-to-end risk information for flood managementPrakash Mohanty, MohitP.; Karmakar S.