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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Hardwood species classification with DWT based hybrid texture feature extraction techniquesYadav Arvindr; Anand R.S.; Dewal M.L.; Gupta Sangeeta
2014Information extraction from topographic map using colour and shape analysisGanpatrao N.G.; Ghosh J.K.
2017Machinability of hypereutectic cast Al–Si alloys processed by SSM processing techniqueSood P.K.; Sehgal R.; Dwivedi D.K.
2001Modelling flow through unsaturated zones: Sensitivity to unsaturated soil propertiesHari Prasad K.S.; Mohan Kumar M.S.; Sekhar M.
2006Optimizing feed force for turned parts through the Taguchi techniqueSingh H.; Kumar P.
2017Post-buckling behaviour of carbon-nanotube-reinforced nanocomposite plateSrivastava A.; Kumar D.
2014Simulation of experimental breakthrough curves using multiprocess non-equilibrium model for reactive solute transport in stratified porous mediaSwami D.; Sharma P.K.; Ojha C.S.P.
2015Solute transport through porous media using asymptotic dispersivitySharma P.K.; Abgaze T.
2009Stochastic sensitivity analysis using HDMR and score functionChowdhury R.; Rao B.N.; Prasad A.M.
2017Thermal comfort analysis of hostels in National Institute of Technology Calicut, IndiaLachireddi G.K.K.; Muthukumar P.; Subudhi S.
2016Transient pressure measurements at part load operating condition of a high head model Francis turbineGoyal R.; Trivedi C.; Gandhi B.K.; Cervantes M.J.; Dahlhaug O.G.
2012Wavelet packet transform-based robust video watermarking techniqueBhatnagar G.; Raman B.