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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013An insight into evolution of electronic, magnetic, optical, and vibrational properties of ultrathin Pd nanowiresSingh P.; Bala A.; Nautiyal, Tashi; Auluck S.
2011Effect of oxygen partial pressure and VO2 content on hexagonal WO3 thin films synthesized by pulsed laser deposition techniqueKaushal A.; Kaur, Davinder
2015Evolution of different morphologies of CdS nanoparticles by thermal decomposition of bis(thiourea)cadmium chloride in various solventsGaur R.; Jeevanandam, Pethaiyan
2013Magnetron sputtered Cu3N/NiTiCu shape memory thin film heterostructures for MEMS applicationsKaur N.; Choudhary N.; Goyal R.N.; Viladkar S.; Matai I.; Gopinath, Packirisamy; Chockalingam S.; Kaur, Davinder
2011Microstructural investigations of zirconium oxide - On core-shell structure of carbon nanotubesPal, Kaushik; Kang D.J.; Kim J.K.
2019Novel thermal decomposition approach for the synthesis of TiO2@Ag core-shell nanocomposites and their application for catalytic reduction of 4-nitrophenolMahajan J.; Jeevanandam, Pethaiyan
2016PbS micro-nanostructures with controlled morphologies by a novel thermal decomposition approachGaur R.; Jeevanandam, Pethaiyan
2012Polymer-supported metals and metal oxide nanoparticles: Synthesis, characterization, and applicationsSarkar, Sudipta; Guibal E.; Quignard F.; SenGupta A.K.
2013Silver nanoparticle induced cytotoxicity, oxidative stress, and DNA damage in CHO cellsAwasthi K.K.; Awasthi A.; Kumar N.; Roy, Partha; Awasthi K.; John P.J.
2013Synthesis of SiO2@NiO magnetic core-shell nanoparticles and their use as adsorbents for the removal of methylene blueBayal N.; Jeevanandam, Pethaiyan
2016Synthesis of Titanium-doped MgO heteronanostructures with tunable band gapSharma U.; Jeevanandam, Pethaiyan
2016Synthesis of ZnO@γ-Fe2O3 core–shell nanocomposites by a facile thermal decomposition approach and their application in photocatalytic degradation of congo redYadav S.K.; Jeevanandam, Pethaiyan
2012Synthesis, characterization, and in vitro release of diclofenac sodium from hybrid nanostructured magnetite-calcium pectinateDutta, Raj Kumar; Sahu S.; Reddy V.R.
2011Thickness dependent phase transformation of magnetron-sputtered Ni-Mn-Sn ferromagnetic shape memory alloy thin filmsVishnoi R.; Singhal R.; Kaur, Davinder
2014Visible-light-induced photodegradation of methylene blue using ZnO/CdS heteronanostructures synthesized through a novel thermal decomposition approachKandula S.; Jeevanandam, Pethaiyan