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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Bipolar resistive switching behavior in Cu/AlN/Pt structure for ReRAM applicationPrakash R.; Kaur D.
2021Controllable synthesis of tunable aspect ratios novel h-BN nanorods with an enhanced wetting performance for water repellent applicationsKumar A.; Malik G.; Goyal K.; Sardana N.; Chandra R.; Mulik, Rahul S.
2018Effect of HCl and NH 4 OH etching on CZTSSe absorber layerkumar V.; Padhy S.; Basak A.; Singh U.P.
2017Effect of pressure pulsation on bond interface characteristics of 409 ferritic stainless steel diffusion bondsSharma G.; Dwivedi, Dheerendra Kumar
2018Impact of post-deposition annealing in Cu 2 SnS 3 thin film solar cells prepared by doctor blade methodBasak A.; Deka H.; Mondal A.; Singh U.P.
2015Improved magnetocaloric effect in magnetron sputtered Ni–Mn–Sb–Al ferromagnetic shape memory alloy thin filmsBarman R.; Kaur D.
2017Improved multiferroic properties of graded Mn doped BiFeO3 thin filmBarman R.; Kaur D.
2016Microstructure and wear performance of heat treated WC-12Co microwave cladZafar S.; Sharma, Apurbba Kumar
2017Room temperature growth and field emission characteristics of CuO nanostructuresKaur G.; Saini K.; Tripathi A.K.; Jain V.; Deva D.; Lahiri, Indranil
2017Spectroscopic ellipsometer study of correlation of out of plane and in-plane plasmons in silver nanoislands with annealing induced growthArya M.; Mitra, Anirban; Nath R.
1996Study of hydrogen in hydrogenated Pd/semiconductor device by ERDASrivastava P.C.; Singh U.P.; Pandey S.P.; Avasthi D.K.
2009Surface sulfurization studies of thin film Cu(InGa)Se2 solar cellsSingh U.P.