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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Analysis of Spontaneous Order of Pedestrian–Vehicle Conflicts at Signalized IntersectionsKumar A.; Ghosh, Indrajit
2015Critical pavement response analysis of low-volume pavements considering nonlinear behavior of materialsGupta A.; Kumar, Praveen Kishore; Rastogi, Rajat
2020Defining and Analyzing Forceful Gap Behavior at Unsignalized IntersectionsAdvani M.; Gupta N.J.; Velmurugan S.; Madhu E.; Chandra, Satish
2010Effects of dynamically activated emergency vehicle warning sign on driver behavior at Urban intersectionsSavolainen P.T.; Datta T.K.; Ghosh, Indrajit; Gates T.J.
2020Evaluating lateral interactions of motorized two-wheelers using multi-gene symbolic genetic programmingDas, Sanhita; Raju N.; Kumar Maurya A.; Arkatkar S.
2008Examination of factors affecting driver injury severity in michigan's single-vehicle-deer crashesSavolainen P.; Ghosh, Indrajit
2014Influence of undesignated pedestrian crossings on midblock capacity of urban roadsDhamaniya A.; Chandra, Satish
2009Investigation of fiber-modified bituminous mixesKumar, Praveen Kishore; Mehndiratta H.C.; Immadi S.
2019Laboratory Investigation on the Fresh, Mechanical, and Durability Properties of Roller Compacted Concrete Pavement Containing Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement AggregatesDebbarma S.; Singh S.; Ransinchung G.D.R.N.
2019Modeling Maneuverability of Motorized Two-Wheelers during Filtering in Urban RoadsDas, Sanhita; Maurya A.K.
2018Saturation flow model for signalized intersection under mixed traffic conditionBiswas S.; Chakraborty S.; Ghosh, Indrajit; Chandra, Satish
1999User-friendly model for planning rural roadsKumar A.; Kumar, Praveen Kishore