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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Merging process of u-turns at uncontrolled median openings under mixed traffic conditionsSil G.; Mohapatra S.S.; Dey P.P.; Chandra, Satish
2019Modelling perceived pedestrian level of service of sidewalks: A structural equation approachBivina G.R.; Parida, Manoranjan
2009Performance of FHWA model for predicting traffic noise: A case study of metropolitan city, Lucknow (India)Shukla A.K.; Jain S.S.; Parida, Manoranjan; Srivastava J.B.
2020Revision of pv2 criteria based pedestrian crossing warrantsJain U.; Rastogi, Rajat
2015Short term traffic flow prediction in heterogeneous condition using artificial neural networkKumar K.; Parida, Manoranjan; Katiyar V.K.