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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A New Hot Tearing Assessment by Using Stepped Ring Core Mold and the Effect of Strontium on the Hot-Tearing Resistance of Al–6 wt% Zn Based AlloySujith S.V.; Mahapatra M.M.; Mulik, Rahul S.
2012A study on hot tearing susceptibility of Al-Cu, Al-Mg, and Al-Zn alloysBirru A.K.; Karunakar, Dagarapu Benny; Mahapatra M.M.
2017A Study on Micro-hardness and Tribological Behaviour of Nano-WC–Co–Cr/Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes Reinforced AZ91D Magnesium Matrix Surface CompositesBhadouria N.; Kumar P.; Thakur L.; Dixit S.; Arora, Navneet
2021Abrasive Wear Investigation and Parametric Process Optimization of in situ Al–4.5%Cu–xTiB2 CompositesMozammil S.; Koshta E.; Jha, Pradeep Kumar
2019Cause–Effect Relation Extraction from Documents in Metallurgy and Materials SciencePawar S.; Sharma, Raksha; Palshikar G.K.; Bhattacharyya P.; Varma V.
2017Cavitation Erosion Behavior of Nitrogen Ion Implanted 13Cr4Ni SteelVerma S.; Dubey P.; Selokar A.W.; Dwivedi, Dheerendra Kumar; Chandra R.
2017Characterization of Cast and Forged (C&F) Gr. 91 Steel in Different Heat Treatment ConditionPandey C.; Mahapatra M.M.; Kumar, Pradeep; Saini N.
2020Comparison of Microwave and Conventional Indigenous Carbothermal Reduction for Recycling of Discarded Lithium-Ion BatteriesPindar S.; Dhawan, Nikhil
2016Dimensional Change During Sintering of Fe–Cu–C Alloys: A Comparative StudyRathore S.S.; Dabhade, Vikram V.
2021Effect of Carbon Addition on Mechanical Properties and Dry Sliding Behavior of Fe-0.65P Alloy Processed by Powder ForgingChaurasia S.K.; Dabhade, Vikram V.; Prakash, Ujjwal; Nath S.K.
2016Effect of Carbon and Titanium Additions on Mechanical Properties of B2 FeAlKant R.; Prakash, Ujjwal; Agarwala V.; Satya Prasad V.V.
2000Effect of cutting parameters and heat treatment on specific power consumption in matching of En - 31Dwivedi, Dheerendra Kumar
2008Effect of iron (Wt.%) on adhesive wear response of Al-12Si-1Cu-0.1 Mg alloy in dry sliding conditionsDhiman M.; Dwivedi, Dheerendra Kumar; Sehgal R.; Bhat I.K.
2007Effect of process variables on foaming characteristics of Al-based foams processed through P/M routePrakash, Ujjwal; Prasadachary P.; Raghu T.; Rao M.S.; Prasad V.V.B.
2015Effect of Surface Energy Anisotropy on the Stability of Growth Fronts in Multiphase AlloysLahiri, Arka; Choudhury A.
2017Effect of Ti Particle Size on the Reaction Kinetics and Densification of TiAl IntermetallicsMishra D.D.; Makkar P.; Rath P.K.; Dabhade, Vikram V.; Agarwala V.; Agarwala R.C.
2017Effect of Weld Thermal Cycles on Microstructures and Mechanical Properties in Simulated Heat Affected Zone of a HY 85 SteelKumar S.; Nath S.K.
2018Equilibrium Versus Paraequilibrium Precipitation of Cementite in Ternary Alloys: Thermodynamic and Kinetic InterpretationsGhosh S.
2013Erosion behaviour of Fe-alloys for underwater components of hydroelectric power plantSelokar A.; Prakash, Ujjwal; Goel D.B.; Chaurasia A.
2015FeAl Based Intermetallic Matrix Composites Through Melt RouteKant R.; Prakash, Ujjwal; Agarwala V.; Satya Prasad V.V.