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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012An association and Wilson activity coefficient model for solubilities of aromatic solid pollutants in supercritical carbon dioxideReddy, Sivamohan N.; Madras G.
2004Global degradation kinetics of pine needles in airSafi M.J.; Mishra I.M.; Prasad, Basheshwar Rajendra
2005Pyrolysis and thermal oxidation kinetics of sugar mill press mudGangavati P.B.; Safi M.J.; Singh A.; Prasad, Basheshwar Rajendra; Mishra I.M.
2011Solubilities of resorcinol and pyrocatechol and their mixture in supercritical carbon dioxideReddy, Sivamohan N.; Madras G.
2009Thermal behavior of organotin(IV) triazolates: Molecular precursors for pure-phase, nanosized SnS/SnO2Nath, Mala; Sulaxna
1989Thermal studies of the triphenyltin chloride benzil semicarbazone complexNath, Mala; Sharma N.; Sharma C.L.
1991Thermal studies on cobalt(II), nickel(II) and copper(II) complexes of Schiff base derived from salicylaldehyde and glycineNath, Mala
1986Thermal Studies on Copper(II) and Cobalt(II) Semicarbazone ComplexesSingh M.