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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20063-D seismic structure of the source area of the 1993 Latur, India, earthquake and its implications for rupture nucleationsMukhopadhyay, Sagarika; Mishra O.P.; Zhao D.; Kayal J.R.
2010Attenuation of coda waves in the Aswan Reservoir area, EgyptMohamed H.H.; Mukhopadhyay, Sagarika; Sharma J.
2014Attenuation of high-frequency P and S waves in Garhwal Himalaya, IndiaTripathi J.N.; Singh P.; Sharma, Mukat Lal
2018Characterizing spatial heterogeneity based on the b-value and fractal analyses of the 2015 Nepal earthquake sequenceNampally S.; Padhy, Simanchal; Dimri V.P.
2018Crustal earthquakes in the Cook Inlet and Susitna region of southern AlaskaSilwal, Vipul; Tape C.; Lomax A.
2011Crustal heterogeneity in the 2007 Noto-Hanto earthquake area and its geodynamical implicationsPadhy, Simanchal; Mishra O.P.; Zhao D.; Wei W.
1997Crustal properties in the epicentral tract of the Great 1897 Assam Earthquake, northeastern IndiaMukhopadhyay, Sagarika; Chander R.; Khattri K.N.
2017Crustal velocity structure and earthquake processes of Garhwal-Kumaun Himalaya: Constraints from regional waveform inversion and array beam modelingNegi S.S.; Paul A.; Cesca S.; Kamal,; Kriegerowski M.; Mahesh P.; Gupta S.
2020Depth dependent azimuthal anisotropy in Madagascar island from ambient noise tomographyAdimah N.I.; Padhy, Simanchal
2020Evidence for late Quaternary brittle deformation and back thrusting within the Indus Suture Zone, Ladakh HimalayaKumar A.; Srivastava, P.; Sen K.; Morell K.; Hazarika D.
1991Fluid evolution history of brittle-ductile shear zones on the hanging wall of Yellow Spring thrust, Valley and Ridge Province, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.Srivastava D.C.; Engelder T.
1988Imprints of the Ninety-East Ridge in the Shillong Plateau, Indian ShieldGupta R.P.; Sen A.K.
2018Lapse time and frequency-dependent coda wave attenuation for Delhi and its surrounding regionsDas R.; Mukhopadhyay, Sagarika; Singh R.K.; Baidya P.R.
1994Late Caledonian extension in the scandinavian Caledonides-the Røragen Detachment revisitedGee D.G.; Lobkowicz M.; Singh, Sandeep
1997Modelling of active lineaments for predicting a possible earthquake scenario around Dehradun, Garhwal Himalaya, IndiaJoshi A.; Patel R.C.
2004Regional time-predictable modeling in the Hindukush-Pamir-Himalayas regionShanker, Dayasfeq; Papadimitriou E.E.
2012Sinistral transpression along the Main Boundary Thrust in Amritpur area, Southeastern Kumaun Himalaya, IndiaShah J.; Srivastava D.C.; Joshi S.
2017Spatial variations of seismic attenuation in the North West of Iranian plateau from analysis of coda wavesNaghavi M.; Rahimi H.; Moradi A.; Mukhopadhyay, Sagarika
2008Tectonics of the southern Asian Plate margin along the Karakoram Shear Zone: Constraints from field observations and U-Pb SHRIMP agesJain A.K.; Singh, Sandeep
1988The modification of parallel folds by progressive shearing parallel to the axial planeSrivastava D.C.; Srivastava P.