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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010A novel amperometric biosensor based on single walled carbon nanotubes with acetylcholine esterase for the detection of carbaryl pesticide in water.Firdoz Shaik; Fang Ma; Yue Xiuli; Dai Zhifei; Kumar Anil; Jiangbin
2000Effect of concentration of ion exchanger, plasticizer and molecular weight of cyanocopolymers on selectivity and sensitivity of Cd(II) ion selective electrodeGupta, Kailash Chandra; Jeanne D'Arc M.
2008Effect of graphite and metallic impurities of C60 fullerene on determination of salbutamol in biological fluidsGoyal R.N.; Kaur D.; Singh S.P.; Pandey A.K.
1995Extraction and spectrophotometric determination of Pd(II) with 3,4,4a,5-tetrahydro-3,3,4a-trimethyl-7-(substituted)-pyrimido(1,6-a)-benzimidazole-1-thiol (PBT)Sahu R.; Sondhi S.M.; Gupta B.
2001Extraction of metal ions using chemically modified silica gel: A PIXE analysisJal P.K.; Dutta, Raj Kumar; Sudarshan M.; Saha A.; Bhattacharyya S.N.; Chintalapudi S.N.; K. Mishra B.
2009Fabrication and nanoindentation properties of TiN/NiTi and applications in electrochemical sensingKumar A.; Singh D.; Kaur, Davinder
1997Gas chromatographic determination of pollutants in the chlorination and caustic extraction stage effluent from the bleaching of a bamboo pulpSharma, Chhaya; Mahanty S.; Kumar S.; Rao N.J.
2008Nickel pyrazolyl borate complexes: Synthesis, structure and analytical application in biological and environmental samples as anion selective sensorsSingh A.K.; Aggarwal V.; Singh U.P.; Mehtab S.
1999Uptake and extraction chromatographic separation of mercury(II) by triisobutylphosphine sulfide (TIBPS) sorbed on silica gel and decontamination of mercury containing effluentSingh R.; Khwaja A.R.; Gupta B.; Tandon S.N.