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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A green SLA constrained scheduling algorithm for parallel/scientific applications in heterogeneous cluster systemsKumar, Neetesh Sharath; Vidyarthi D.P.
2021A novel multi-objective CR-PSO task scheduling algorithm with deadline constraint in cloud computingDubey K.; Sharma, Subhash Chander
2018Cloud-WBAN: An experimental framework for Cloud-enabled Wireless Body Area Network with efficient virtual resource utilizationBhardwaj T.; Sharma, Subhash Chander
2020Estimating health risks in metal contaminated land for sustainable agriculture in peri-urban industrial areas using Monte Carlo probabilistic approachGaurav V.K.; Sharma, Chhaya
2018Minimization of energy consumption in multiple stage evaporator using Genetic AlgorithmVerma O.P.; Manik, Gaurav; Suryakant; Jain V.K.; Jain D.K.; Wang H.
2018PSO-COGENT: Cost and energy efficient scheduling in cloud environment with deadline constraintKumar M.; Sharma, Subhash Chander