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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Analysing trends in reference evapotranspiration and weather variables in the Tons River Basin in Central IndiaDarshana; Pandey, Ashish; Pandey R.P.
2021Constructed wetland management in urban catchments for mitigating floodsKumar S.; Agarwal, Ankit; Villuri V.G.K.; Pasupuleti S.; Kumar D.; Kaushal D.R.; Gosain A.K.; Bronstert A.; Sivakumar B.
2010Development of isopluvial map using L-moment approach for Tehri-Garhwal HimalayaSarkar S.; Goel, Narendra Kumar; Mathur B.S.
2017Effect of autocorrelation on temporal trends in rainfall in a valley region at the foothills of Indian HimalayasPiyoosh A.K.; Ghosh, Sanjay Kumar
2019Modeling risk attributes of wastewater treatment plant violations of total ammonia nitrogen discharge limits in the United StatesSuchetana, Bihu; Rajagopalan B.; Silverstein J.A.
2021Multiscale investigation of precipitation extremes over Ethiopia and teleconnections to large-scale climate anomaliesBeyene T.K.; Jain M.K.; Yadav B.K.; Agarwal, Ankit
2014Validation of a new meteorological forcing data in analysis of spatial and temporal variability of precipitation in IndiaLi L.; Xu C.-Y.; Zhang Z.; Jain, Sharad Kumar
2019Wavelet analysis of precipitation extremes over India and teleconnections to climate indicesRathinasamy M.; Agarwal, Ankit; Sivakumar B.; Marwan N.; Kurths J.