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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Approximate controllability of impulsive semilinear stochastic system with delay in stateArora U.; Sukavanam, Nagarajan
2020Approximate controllability of second-order non-autonomous stochastic impulsive differential systemsSingh V.; Chaudhary R.; Pandey, Dwijendra N.
2020Deterministic and stochastic equations of motion arising in Ol-droyd uids of order one: Existence, uniqueness, exponential stability and invariant measuresMohan M. T.
2020Deterministic and stochastic equations of motion arising in Oldroyd fluids of order one: existence, uniqueness, exponential stability and invariant measuresMohan, Manil T.
2019Existence results for a class of impulsive neutral fractional stochastic integro-differential systems with state dependent delayChaudhary R.; Pandey, Dwijendra N.
2021Exponential inequalities for exit times for two dimensional stochastic tidal dynamics equationsMohan, Manil T.
2021Large deviation principle for occupation measures of two dimensional stochastic convective Brinkman-Forchheimer equationsKumar A.; Mohan, Manil T.
2021On a mixed fractional Burgers type equation with polynomial nonlinearity and perturbed by fractional Brownian sheetKumar V.; Giri, Ankik Kumar
2014Strong Convergence of Euler Approximations of Stochastic Differential Equations with Delay Under Local Lipschitz ConditionKumar, Chaman; Sabanis S.