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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021An improved planar wavefront model to estimate rocking seismic motion spectra using translational spectra at a single stationSingla, Varun K.; Gupta V.K.
2019Centrifuge testing to investigate effects of partial saturation on the response of shallow foundation in liquefiable ground under strong sequential ground motionsKumar, Ritesh; Horikoshi K.; Takahashi A.
2019Closed form solutions for response of machine foundations under accidental blast loadsMaheshwari, Priti; Naramsetti B.S.
2013Comparison of seismic risk assessment based on macroseismic intensity and spectrum approaches using 'SeisVARA'Haldar P.; Singh, Yogendra C.; Lang D.H.; Paul D.K.
2009Dynamic impedances of pile groups with embedded caps in homogeneous elastic soils using CIFECMEmani P.K.; Maheshwari, Bal Krishna
2014Earthquake ground motion predictive equations for Garhwal Himalaya, IndiaHarbindu A.; Gupta S.; Sharma, Mukat Lal
2018Effect of data uncertainty and inversion non-uniqueness of surface wave tests on VS,30 estimationRoy N.; Jakka, Ravi Sankar
2014Effect of soil depth on inelastic seismic response of structuresAdhikary S.; Singh, Yogendra C.; Paul D.K.
2013Estimation of site effects in Delhi using standard spectral ratioMittal H.; Kamal,; Kumar A.; Singh S.K.
2019Experimental investigation of vertical and batter pile groups subjected to dynamic loadsBharathi M.; Dubey, Ramanand N.; Shukla S.K.
2014Implications of surface wave data measurement uncertainty on seismic ground response analysisJakka, Ravi Sankar; Roy N.; Wason H.R.
2010Liquefaction behaviour of loose and compacted pond ashJakka, Ravi Sankar; Datta M.; Ramana G.V.
2020Mapping surface wave dispersion uncertainty in Vs Profiles to VS,30 and site response analysisRoy N.; Jakka, Ravi Sankar
2017Near-field effects on site characterization using MASW techniqueRoy N.; Jakka, Ravi Sankar
2021Numerical simulation of liquefaction phenomenon considering infinite boundaryKumari S.; Sawant, Vishwas Abhimanyu
2016On planar seismic wavefront modeling for estimating rotational ground motions: Case of 2-D SH line-sourceSingla, Varun K.; Gupta V.K.
2021Residual life of earthquake damaged structuresMajhi D.R.; Shrikhande, Manish
2020Seismic stability analysis of nailed vertical cut using modified pseudo-dynamic methodKokane A.K.; Sawant, Vishwas Abhimanyu; Sahoo J.P.
2018Seismic uplift capacity of shallow strip anchors: A new pseudo-dynamic upper bound limit analysisGanesh R.; Khuntia S.; Sahoo J.P.
2010Soil characteristics and site effect assessment in the city of Delhi (India) using H/V and f-k methodsMundepi A.K.; Galiana-Merino J.J.; Kamal,; Lindholm C.