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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A model for resource-constrained project scheduling using adaptive PSOKumar, Neetesh Sharath; Vidyarthi D.P.
2019An autonomic resource provisioning framework for efficient data collection in cloudlet-enabled wireless body area networks: a fuzzy-based proactive approachBhardwaj T.; Sharma, Subhash Chander
2017An empirical study of some software fault prediction techniques for the number of faults predictionRathore S.S.; Kumar, Sandeep
2019Artificial Bee Colony algorithm with improved search mechanismSingh A.; Deep, K.
2021Artificial lizard search optimization (ALSO): a novel nature-inspired meta-heuristic algorithmKumar, Neetesh Sharath; Singh N.; Vidyarthi D.P.
2021Deep neural network hyper-parameter tuning through twofold genetic approachKumar P.; Batra S.; Raman, Balasubramanian
2019Development of intuitionistic fuzzy data envelopment analysis models and intuitionistic fuzzy input–output targetsArya A.; Yadav, Shiv Prasad
2019Exploration–exploitation balance in Artificial Bee Colony algorithm: a critical analysisSingh A.; Deep, K.
2014Fault diagnosis of rolling element bearing by using multinomial logistic regression and wavelet packet transformPandya D.H.; Upadhyay, Sanjay H.; Harsha, Suraj Prakash
2020Goal programming technique for solving fully interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy multiple objective transportation problemsMalik M.; Gupta, Shiv Kumar
2021Intuitionistic fuzzy proximal support vector machine for multicategory classification problemsLaxmi S.; Gupta, Shiv Kumar; Kumar S.
2019Recognizing gender from human facial regions using genetic algorithmBhattacharyya A.; Saini R.; Pratim Roy, Partha; Dogra D.P.; Kar S.
2017Spider monkey optimization algorithm for constrained optimization problemsGupta K.; Deep, K.; Bansal J.C.
2021Statistical modeling of supercritical extraction of hemp (Cannabis sativa) and papaya (Carica papaya) seed oils through artificial neural network and central composite designDevi V.; Khanam, Shabina
2018Unsupervised classification of erroneous video object trajectoriesAhmed S.A.; Dogra D.P.; Kar S.; Pratim Roy, Partha
2020Video trajectory analysis using unsupervised clustering and multi-criteria rankingSekh A.A.; Dogra D.P.; Kar S.; Pratim Roy, Partha