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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A computationally efficient approach for template matching-based image registrationGaidhane V.H.; Hote, Yogesh Vijay; Singh V.
2019A new design method for FIR notch filter using Fractional Derivative and swarm intelligenceKumar A.; Mustikovila K.N.; Singh, Girish Kumar; Lee S.; Lee H.-N.
2016A single phase photovoltaic inverter control for grid connected systemPanda Aurobinda; Pathak, M. K.; Srivastava S.P.
2018A statistical and distributed packet filter against DDoS attacks in Cloud environmentPandey V.C.; Peddoju, Sateesh Kumar; Deshpande P.S.
2018Aiding buoyancy driven flow and heat transfer features of converging and diverging trapezoidal cylindersParveez M.; Dhiman, Amit Kumar; Harmain G.A.
2012An efficient similarity measure technique for medical image registrationGaidhane V.H.; Hote, Yogesh Vijay; Singh V.
2004Application of meshless EFG method in fluid flow problemsSingh, Indra Vir
2017Computations of incompressible fluid flow around a long square obstacle near a wall: laminar forced flow and thermal characteristicsKumar D.; Dhiman, Amit KumarK.
2013Core safety of Indian nuclear power plants (NPPs) under extreme conditionsJoshi J.B.; Nayak A.K.; Singhal, Mukesh Kumar; Mukhopadhaya D.
2018Development of a compliant legged quadruped robotGor M.M.; Pathak, Pushparaj Mani; Samantaray A.K.; Alam K.; Kumar P.; Anand D.; Vijay P.; Sarkar R.; Yang J.-M.; Kwak S.W.
1999Effect of soil moisture on microwave scattering for remote sensingSingh, Dharmendra
2016Emotion recognition using eigenvalues and Levenberg–Marquardt algorithm-based classifierGaidhane V.H.; Hote, Yogesh Vijay; Singh V.
2021Evaluation of optimum PV tilt angle with generated and predicted solar electric data using geospatial open source software in cloud environmentKapoor M.; Garg, Rahul D.
2017Experimental determination of mechanical parameters in sensorless vector-controlled induction motor drivePavan Kumar Hari V.S.S.; Tripathi, Avanish; Narayanan G.
2012Fatigue crack growth due to overloads in plain concrete using scaling lawsRay, Sonalisa; Kishen J.M.C.
2019Flow field investigation behind a trapezoidal rib and the effect of the synthetic jetDutta, Sushanta; Malik A.
2015Hardwood species classification with DWT based hybrid texture feature extraction techniquesYadav Arvindr; Anand, Radhey Shyam; Dewal M.L.; Gupta Sangeeta
2014Information extraction from topographic map using colour and shape analysisGanpatrao N.G.; Ghosh, Jayanta Kumar
2017Machinability of hypereutectic cast Al–Si alloys processed by SSM processing techniqueSood P.K.; Sehgal R.; Dwivedi, Dheerendra Kumar
2015Manipulation of interfacial instabilities by using a soft, deformable solid layerSharma, Gaurav; Shankar V.