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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016An Approach for the Estimation of Entry Flows on RoundaboutsMahesh S.; Ahmad A.; Rastogi R.
2016Effect of Fly Ash and Rice Husk Ash on Permanent Deformation Behaviour of Subgrade Soil under Cyclic Triaxial LoadingAnupam A.K.; Kumar P.; Ransinchung R.N.G.D.
2020Evaluation of Senior Pedestrian's Travel Experience at Ekamara Kshetra BhubaneswarMohanty R.N.; Chani P.S.; Ulengin F.; Patil G.R.; Ozaydin O.; Tavasszy L.; Verma A.
2017Identification of Free Flowing Vehicles on Two Lane Intercity Highways under Heterogeneous Traffic conditionBoora A.; Ghosh I.; Chandra S.
2016Optimization Technique for Pedestrian Data ExtractionDas P.; Parida M.; Bhaskar A.; Katiyar V.K.
2016Optimum Blending Requirements for EVA Modified BinderSaboo N.; Kumar P.
2017Performance Indicator for Two-Lane Intercity Highways under Heterogeneous Traffic ConditionBoora A.; Ghosh I.
2017Re-Examination of PV 2 Criteria for Developing Pedestrian Crossing WarrantsJain U.; Rastogi R.; Ulengin F.Li K.; Boltze M.
2016Station Area Design Approach for Enhancing Multimodal Urban Transport System, New DelhiSaygaonkar P.; Swami M.; Parida M.
2020Studying Operational Dynamics of Public Bus System: A Case of Lucknow City, IndiaDev M.; Biswas A.; Ulengin F.; Patil G.R.; Ozaydin O.; Tavasszy L.; Verma A.