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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Analysis of mechanical behaviour of heat affected zone on ferritic side of bimetallic welds under thermal fatigue conditionsAggarwal H.K.; Chhibber R.; Arora, Navneet; Mehta R.; Shukor M.H.A.; Gong H.
2007Characterization of automobile shredder residues for chlorine content and estimation of it's circulation in cement kilnKwon W.-T.; Kim S.-R.; Kim Y.-H.; Hwang J.H.; Dabhade, Vikram V.; Yoo T.-W.; Bae S.Y.
2012Comparisons of sintered technology with powder forging for Fe-P soft magnetic alloysChaurasia S.K.; Prakash, Ujjwal; Chandra K.; Misra P.S.
2017Deformation behavior of inhomogeneous layered microstructurePancholi, Vivek; Raja A.; Rohit K.; Ionescu M.; Mishra B.; Kozeschnik E.; Sommitsch C.; Chandra T.; Mishra B.
2015Determination of instability in Zr-2.5Nb-0.5Cu using Lyapunov functionSaxena K.K.; Pancholi, Vivek; Srivastava D.; Dey G.K.; Jha S.K.; Saibaba N.; Narayanan P.R.; Murty S.V.S.
2012Development of continuously cooled high strength bainitic steel through microstructural engineering at Tata SteelDas, Sourav; Kundu S.; Haldar A.
2014Development of ultra-fine grained dual-phase steels: Mechanism of grain refinement during inter-critical deformationKarmakar, Anish; Misra R.D.K.; Neogy S.; Chakrabarti D.
2012Effect of counter surface temperature and load on the transition from mild to severe wear behavior of al-si-sicp composites in reciprocating conditionsRajeev V.R.; Dwivedi, Dheerendra Kumar; Jain S.C.
2016Effect of different proportion of coarse and fine grain microstructure on superplastic forming characteristicPancholi, Vivek; Rohit K.; Raja A.; Itoh G.; Kobayashi J.; Kitazono K.; Sato E.; Takayama Y.; Itoi T.; Morita K.
2014Effect of Si and Ge addition on the evolution of microstructure in near alpha titanium alloySuresh, K. S.; Kitashima T.; Yamabe-Mitarai Y.
2012Effect of ultrasonic treatment on the grain refinement and mechanical properties of AZ91 magnesium alloyBhingole P.; Chaudhari, G. P.
2012Evolution of microstructure and crystallographic texture in AA2014 aluminium alloy during equal channel angular extrusionGiribaskar S.; Suresh, K. S.; Gouthama; Suwas S.
2013Evolution of microstructure and texture in friction stir processed Al-Mg-Mn alloySuresh, K. S.; Kumar N.; Mishra R.S.; Suwas S.
2017Experimental analysis of thermal fatigue in bimetallic weldsAggarwal H.K.; Chhibber R.; Arora, Navneet; Mehta R.; Shukor M.H.A.; Gong H.
2018Experimental study pertaining to microwave sintering (MWS) of al-metal matrix composite - A reviewSingh H.; Jain, P. K.; Bhoi N.; Pratap S.; Zhu X.H.
2017Hot deformation behaviour and microstructural evaluation of Zr-1Nb alloySaxena K.K.; Pancholi, Vivek; Chaudhari, G. P.; Srivastava D.; Dey G.K.; Jha S.K.; Saibaba N.; Agarwal R.K.; Delaunay J.-J.He Y.
2012Influence of friction stir processing parameters on anisotropic behavior property of 5086-O aluminum alloyPradeep S.; Sharma S.K.; Pancholi, Vivek
2017Investigations on design and formulation of buttering layer electrode coatings for bimetallic weldsBhandari D.; Chhibber R.; Arora, Navneet; Mehta R.; Shukor M.H.A.; Gong H.
2013Microporous carbonaceous materials incorporated with metal (Ti, V and Zn) for hydrogen storageNath, Mala; Kumar A.; Mallick A.
2012Microstructural and mechanical characterization of friction stir processed 5086 aluminum alloyPradeep S.; Sharma S.K.; Pancholi, Vivek