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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A New Active Islanding Detection Technique Using Superimposed Power Angle Disturbance of IBDERMuda H.; Jena, Premalata; Pradhan G.; Morris S.; Nayak N.
2019Adiabatic logic based full adder design with leakage reduction mechanismsKumar D.; Kumar M.; Manhas S.; Rawat B.S.; Trivedi A.; Karwal V.
2019DCHD-3T: Early Diagnosis of Congenital Heart Diseases in WBAN-Cloud Using Three-Tier Network Architecture—an Efficient SolutionSonal; Reddy S.R.N.; Kumar D.; Tomar A.; Mishra S.; Sood Y.R.
2014Despeckling of ultrasound images of bone fracture using RADWT based non-linear filteringGupta D.; Anand, Radhey Shyam; Tyagi, Barjeev
2019Error assessment of fundamental matrix parametersYadav B.C.; Merugu S.; Jain, Kamal; Mozar S.; Kumar A.
2019Impact of the Positioning of a Single Bypass Diode in a PV String on its ReliabilityFernandez, Eugene; Prajapati S.; Tomar A.; Sood Y.R.; Mishra S.
2015LQR-based TS-fuzzy logic controller design for inverted pendulum-coupled cart systemSharma B.; Tyagi, Barjeev; Vijay V.V.; Adhikari B.; Seshadri H.; Fulwani D.K.; Yadav S.K.
2018Modeling and Simulation of Switched Reluctance MotorMakwana J.A.; Agarwal, Pramod; Srivastava S.P.; Konkani A.; Bera R.; Paul S.
2019Multi-criteria decision analysis for identifying potential sites for future urban development in Haridwar, IndiaTiwari A.; Tyagi D.; Sharma S.K.; Suresh M.; Jain, Kamal; Mozar S.; Kumar A.
2019Quantitative evaluation of panorama softwaresSharma S.K.; Jain, Kamal; Suresh M.; Mozar S.; Kumar A.
2020Sub-scene Target Detection and Recognition Using Deep Learning Convolution Neural NetworksMerugu S.; Jain, Kamal; Mittal A.; Raman, Balasubramanian; Kumar A.; Paprzycki M.; Gunjan V.K.