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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010A landslide hazard warning systemGhosh, Jayanta Kumar; Bhattacharya D.; Boccardo P.; Samadhiya, Narendra Kumar; Kajiwara K.; Muramatsu K.; Ono A.; Soyama N.; Endo T.; Akatsuka S.
2004A methodology to support the analysis of environmental degradation using noaa AVHRR dataMeirelles M.S.; Costa G.A.; Singh, Dharmendra Prasad; Berroir J.P.; Herlin I.; Silva E.F.; Coutinho H.L.; Altan O.
2019Building facade and rooftop segmentation by normal estimation from UAV derived RGB point cloudKushwaha S.K.P.; Dayal K.R.; Singh A.; Jain, Kamal; Grussenmeyer P.; Murtiyoso A.; Macher H.; Assi R.
2018Comparative study on deep neural network models for crop classification using time series PolSAR and optical dataPhartiyal G.S.; Singh, Dharmendra Prasad; Saran S.; Padalia H.; Kumar A.S.
2018Green indexing of Hisar municipal corporation using geospatial techniquesSingh, Dharmendra Prasad; Mondal S.; Hooda R.S.; Saran S.; Padalia H.; Kumar A.S.
2014Image based 3D city modeling: Comparative studySingh S.P.; Jain, Kamal; Mandla V.R.; Remondino F.; Menna F.
2013Labeling of clusters based on critical analysis of texture measuresSingh, Dharmendra Prasad; Chamundeeswari V.V.; Sorgel U.; Heipke C.; Jacobsen K.; Rottensteiner F.
2014Satellite based estimation and validation of monthly rainfall distribution over upper ganga river basinShukla A.K.; Ojha, C. S. P.; Garg, Rahul D.; Dadhwal V.K.; Seshasai M.V.R.; Hakeem A.; Diwakar P.G.; Raju P.L.N.
2019Spectro-radiometer and spectral indices based environmental impact assessment for mango tree leaves in and around IIT Roorkee Campus, IndiaPandey A.; Jain, Kamal; Ray S.S.; Navalgund R.; Justice C.
2012Surface temperature estimation of gangotri glacier using thermal remote sensingHaq M.A.; Jain, Kamal; Menon K.P.R.; Cho K.; Shimoda H.; Shortis M.
2013Transmission line theory based two layer model for determining soil moistureMishra P.; Singh, Dharmendra Prasad; Sorgel U.; Heipke C.; Jacobsen K.; Rottensteiner F.
2013Virtual 3D city modeling: Techniques and ApplicationsSingh S.P.; Jain, Kamal; Mandla V.R.