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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20122 D Finite Element Seismic Analysis of an Earthen Rock-fill DamKhare P.; Maheshwari B.K.
2010Dynamic Pile-Cap-Soil-Pile Interactions in Triangular Pile GroupsEmani P.K.; Maheshwari B.K.
2017Effect of Frequency of Loading on Pore Pressure in Solani SandKanth A.; Maheshwari B.K.
2013Effect of Joint Strength Parameters on Stability of Rock SlopeSaini J.S.; Maheshwari B.K.; Gupta V.
2016Effect of Liquefaction on the Response of a Single Pile under Seismic LoadingShrimal D.; Maheshwari B.K.
2014Effect of Nonlinearity on Dynamic Response of Earthen DamRaja M.A.; Maheshwari B.K.
2013Effect of Un-liquefiable Sand Layer on Shallow FoundationSingh M.; Maheshwari B.K
2016Effects of Discontinuities on Rock SlopeBhaduri A.; Maheshwari B.K.
2010Evaluation of DSC Parameters for Solani SandSyed N.M.; Maheshwari B.K.
2017Evaluation of Permanent Displacement for Earthquake Induced LandslidesSangeeta; Maheshwari B.K.
2013FE Modelling of NPP for Dynamic Loads considering SSIKumar V.; Maheshwari B.K.
2014Geodynamic Tests for Landslide StudiesSingh A.; Maheshwari B.K.
2010Lateral Capacity of Piles in Liquefiable SoilKiran A.S.; Ramasamy G.; Maheshwari B.K.
2014Liquefaction Potential of IITR Campus using CPT and PiezoconesKumawat N.K.; Maheshwari B.K.
2010Liquefaction Resistance of Solani Sand under Cyclic LoadsChoudhary S.S.; Maheshwari B.K.; Kaynia A.M.
2019Recent Advances in Liquefaction of SoilsMaheshwari B.K.
2014Recent Advances in Seismic Soil-Structure InteractionMaheshwari B.K.;
2010Seismic Analysis of an Embankment using Different TechniquesShikhare U.A.; Maheshwari B.K.; Paul D.K.
2014Simplified Models for Dynamic Soil-Structure InteractionKumar R.; Maheshwari B.K.
2011Soil-Structure Interaction using a Simplified Model: Parametric StudyPai G.; Maheshwari B.K.