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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A study on chloride induced depassivation of Fe-P-C-Si and Fe-P-C-Si-N steels in simulated concrete pore solutionMehta Y.; Chaudhari, G. P.; Dabhade, Vikram V.
2018Development of 2024 AA-Yttrium composites by Spark Plasma SinteringVidyasagar C.H.S.; Karunakar, Dagarapu Benny
2017Development of Double Layer Microwave Absorber Using Genetic AlgorithmKumar A.; Singh S.; Singh, Dharmendra
2018Effect of high power ultrasound on mechanical properties of Al-Si alloysSrivastava N.; Gupta R.; Chaudhari, G. P.
2018Effect of in-situ formed Al3Ti particles on the microstructure and mechanical properties of 6061 Al alloyGupta R.; Chaudhari, G. P.; Daniel B.S.S.
2017Effect of Partial Shear Interaction in Steel Concrete Composite GirdersKalibhat M.G.; Upadhyay, Akhil; Marschalko M.; Drusa M.; Rybak J.; Yilmaz I.; Segalini A.; Coisson E.
2019Mathematical model development of modified flow dispersion stress tensor in 2-D curvilinear flow domainAkhtar M.P.; Sharma N.; Ojha, C. S. P.; Singh K.; Chaudhary H.; Shrivastava A.; Sharan S.N.; Sharma N.N.; Akhtar J.
2018Microstructural evolution in Fe-0.13P-0.05C steel during compression at elevated temperaturesMehta Y.; Rajput S.K.; Chaudhari, G. P.; Dabhade, Vikram V.
2018Performance evaluation of solar photovoltaic panel driven refrigeration systemRajoria C.S.; Singh D.; Gupta P.K.
2018Synthesis, characterization of TiO2 nano particles for enhancement of electron transport application in DSSC with Cu-BPCA DyePanda J.; Singh U.P.; Sahu R.
2018Tensile properties of friction stir welded joints of AA 2024-T6 alloy at different welding speedsAvula D.; Devuri V.; Cheepu M.; Dwivedi, Dheerendra Kumar
2015Texture studies of hot compressed near alpha titanium alloy (IMI 834) at 1000°C with different strain ratesKodli B.K.; Saxena K.K.; Dey S.R.; Pancholi, Vivek; Bhattacharjee A.; Skrotzki W.; Oertel C.-G.