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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006An improved performance three-phase neutral-point clamped rectifier with simplified control schemeBhat A.H.; Agarwal, Pramod
2019Energy Savings Estimation Considering Volt/VAr Optimization and Distributed GenerationSatsangi S.; Kumbhar, Ganesh Balu
2019Instrument Control through GPIB-USB Communication with LabVIEWSumathi, Parasuraman; Peter D.
2006Neutral current compensation and load balancing with fuzzy logic controlled active power filterJain S.; Agarwal, Pramod; Gupta H.O.
2006Optimal capacitor selection for modified self-commutated csi-fed induction motor drivePandey A.K.; Agarwal, Pramod; Verma V.K.