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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Effect of Building Loads on the Stability of Hill SlopesRaj D.; Singh, Yogendra C.; Farid A.; Reddy K.R.; Yesiller N.; De A.; Zekkos D.
2006Modeling and analysis of infinite beam on extensible geosynthetic- reinforced granular fill-soft soil system subjected to moving loadsMaheshwari, Priti; Chandra S.; Basudhar P.K.
2011Nonlinear response of infinite beams on reinforced earth beds under moving loadsMaheshwari, Priti; Karuppasamy K.
2016Numerical Modelling of Prestressed Geogrid Reinforced Soil for Adjacent Square FootingDas S.K.; Samadhiya, Narendra Kumar; Farid A.; Reddy K.R.; Yesiller N.; De A.; Zekkos D.
2011Permanent strain of randomly oriented fiber reinforced rural road subgrade soil under repetitive triaxial loadingMohanty B.; Chauhan M.S.; Mittal, Satyendra
2016Pseudostatic Analysis of a Coupled Building-Foundation-Slope System for Seismic and Gravity ActionsRaj D.; Singh, Yogendra C.; Shehata H.F.; Santillan D.Y.; Shehata M.F.
2014Seismic analysis of soil slopes using FLAC2D and modified newmark approachChatterjee, Kaustav; Choudhury D.
2018Seismic Stability Analysis of Soil Slopes Using Soil NailsRawat P.; Chatterjee, Kaustav; Manzari M.T.; Brandenberg S.J.