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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A novel scheme for condition monitoring of indirect unsymmetrical phase shift transformerTripathy, Manoj
2018Capacitive and resistive sensing based on compensated relaxation oscillatorTyagi T.; Sumathi, Parasuraman
2018Chaotic time series prediction using ELANFISBiju G.M.; Shihabudheen K.V.; Pillai, Gopinatha Nath
2018Comparative analysis of dual active bridge isolated DC to DC converter with single phase shift and extended phase shift control techniquesKumar A.; Bhat A.H.; Agarwal, Pramod
2018Detection of fault during power swing using superimposed negative sequence apparent power based schemeKumar J.; Jena, Premalata
2018Performance evaluation of multi-level inverter fed open-end winding IM drive under two different modulation schemesKumar S.; Agarwal, Pramod
2018Phase based single-channel speech enhancement using phase ratioSingh S.; Mutawa A.M.; Gupta M.; Tripathy, Manoj; Anand, Radhey Shyam
2018Secured zone 3 protection during load enchrochment using synchrophasorsSarangi S.; Jena, Premalata
2018Superimposed positive sequence voltage and current based islanding detection techniques for microgridMishra A.; Jena, Premalata
2018The effect of solar power injection on aging of a distribution transformerKumar K.; Kumbhar, Ganesh Balu